Kiki and Medinah Share Their Experience With Working Together And Hosting The Cocktales Podcast

KiKi, also known as Kiki Said So, is a late 20-something, living single in Atlanta. After spend a lot of time talking with friends about her dating and sexual experiences, she realized that women often share experiences and don’t know it. Kiki channeled this girl-talk energy into a podcast to share experiences, as well as normalize the things that happen. That podcast is “CockTales: Dirty Discussions.”

Every week, Kiki and her co-host Medinah Monroe give uncensored accounts about sex, dating, their relationships and more. Although both are in different stages of their love lives, the podcast is successful because it’s full of relatable content. “Everyone goes through things and you never know who you can relate to,” according to Kiki.

Kiki and Medinah have been friends for a long time, so working together on CockTales felt like a natural fit. Medinah is also a late 20-something and former flight attendant who used Tinder “religiously.” Although she’s in a serious relationship and lives with her boyfriend, that doesn’t change that Medina can relate to her single friend’s experiences.

“Most of the time, we go through the same things and don’t know it. It’s liberating,” said Medinah. With Medinah’s voice-over included on the show, the two of them have been exploring different experiences since 2017.

Both women tell their own stories, which include the good and the bad; things get very real and personal. They’re not afraid to talk about the ‘embarrassing’ things and feel very comfortable on their podcast. As two young Black women, Kiki and Medinah are breaking down stereotypes and stigmas surrounding their sexuality.

On working together, both Kiki and Medinah said that the things around them and online inspire them. Since they’re close friends, their candid conversations lead to ideas and episodes on the podcast – which are more candid conversations. They also take turns inviting guests for the podcast.

Medinah’s favorite part about working with Kiki, even since high school, is the latter’s wit. “It’s not always in a joking manner, but sometimes in a serious manner that’s still hilarious,” she explained. “I also appreciate how organized she is and it’s amazing to have a partner like that.” A self-described perfectionist, Kiki said Medinah helps her balance out the work-play balance. The have two different senses of humor and it works for their professional relationship.

That humor translates well into their work. Medinah and Kiki both have a better time when the conversations just flow with guests, who they frequently feature on the podcast. And while they often share their own tales, sometimes they read submissions from listeners.

An interesting part of the podcast, and a play on the name, is that Kiki and Medinah share cocktail recipes at the beginning of each episode. Sometimes, they even drink one. They take turns searching new recipes to try or making their own creations.

Kiki doesn’t have a favorite cocktail but she does have a SoundCloud playlist with her favorite episodes. A standout episode for her is episode 73, “Cocktails No Chaser” from March of this year. Medinah’s favorite cocktail is the “Honey, I’m Home” recipe and her favorite episode is with her mom! She’s also very fond of episode 85, “Are You Dateable” from May of this year.

Both Medinah and Kiki shared some ideas they have for the future. Kiki would like to incorporate more personal stories in the future, saying she needs to “live a little more.” Both agreed that while their personal experiences and submissions will still be shared, they would like to see the podcast expand to television, events and other features. With new episodes every week, we can’t wait to hear what’s next from these two.

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