Hand Lettering With Duong Nguyen: The Next Wave To Hit The Creative Industry.

Typography might not seem like a career path that many would choose but Duong Nguyen has changed the game. You might recognize his work from your favorite artists’ cover art. From Masego, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Uzi Vert, A$ap Rocky, and Nicki Minaj. I had the pleasure of reaching Duong for a quick call while he was on the go.

Duong was just in 8th grade when he discovered his love for hand lettering when he was introduced to Instagram. Like many other creatives at a young age, Duong continued to practice his new found craft by drawing the names of people who he was- and still is currently friends with. Since he was just starting out, he didn’t have the greatest tools so he quit for awhile. Once he entered 11th grade, he was able to get the right tools for hand lettering and picked it back up. His love for drawing letters and love for music turned into his career path. With having that love for music, he began drawing the names of many of his favorite artists. “There was a guy named Y2K and Vanilla Killa who I DM’d and they liked it and I was like ‘oh wow, maybe I could do this for multiple people’. And that’s how I got to where I’m at now”, he recalls.

While he was working with Joe Perez, graphic designer and creative director, Duong got asked by Joe to work with him on the Nicki Minaj proejcts, Barbie Tingz and Chun-Li. “It was pretty quick”, he states, “not really a long process”. I decieded to ask him his opinion on the music industry using hand lettering now that it seems to be becoming a big trend. His response was quite insightful: “More people are going to go into it after seeing it pop around. Like the Barbie Tingz cover. I think people are going to start going to typographers and hand letters that can make something custom that give a resemblense to the music itself.” 

For his next few projects, Duong will be working closely with Cameron Dallas who has some new projects in the works. Duong expresses his excitement for the upcoming collaboration. Being so good at his craft, he usually does a lot of his work on the go. “I can produce a good amount of work in a short amount of time and I keep my tools on me at all times.”

Like many creatives, Duong has his hands and feet in every sector right now. We look forward to seeing more of his notable work in fashion, music, and even gaming. To keep up with Duong, checkout his Instagram!

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