Lil Wayne Continues Carter V Run with SNL Performance

If you’ve been living under a rock you may not know this but, Lil Wayne released Tha Carter V this year. After merchandise collabs with Wikipedia (yes that Wikipedia)  and more, he continues his promo run tonight with two performances on Saturday Night Live.

The first song he did was “Can’t Be Broken” and had Halsey performing her emotional hook live. The second one was the one we were all waiting for: Uproar. With Swizz Beatz doing his ad lib and hypeman thing and a crowd doing every dance we’ve done to the song in the background behind him Wayne killed his performance. However as per usual his outfit was unique to say the least. 

Watch both performances below! 

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Paul Barnes

Writing has always been Paul’s passion. His ultimate dream is to become a best selling author but, that journey begins here! He also loves movies, music, and food (eating it more than cooking it!). He says he tends to gravitate towards action and some dramas but, can also really get into a psychological thriller. Being an open minded individual, he literally listens to ALL kinds of music, so he has favorite artists across multiple genres.

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