Ariana Grande’s New Single “7 Rings” Just Dropped

『七つの指輪』 or “7 Rings” is Ariana Grande’s newest single that dropped at midnight on Friday, January 18. The music video features Ariana and her friends blinged-out, dressed in pink and pouring champagne with Japanese writing and props sprinkled in. She sings (and raps) to a tune reminiscent of the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein song, “My Favorite Things” from the musical, “The Sound of Music”.

“I see it/I like it/I want it/I got it”––Ariana sings about getting anything and everything she wants, not only for herself, but for “six of [her] bitches” too. She’s been posting pictures and videos on Instagram and Twitter of her and the six friends she bought rings with, which was what inspired the song.

In December, Ariana Grande tweeted about where the idea for the song came from.

The song has a different sound than Ariana Grande’s other tracks, and you can check out『七つの指輪』on iTunes, Spotify and Youtube.

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