6LACK Brings East Atlanta to Hollywood on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Now, I don’t know about ya’ll but 80% of the artists that perform on late night shows are ones I am not familiar with. But, when there is one that I know and love, I’m sure to watch. Most recently NoName along with Saba and Smino killed it on The Tonight Show and Black Thought with a cut from his EP did too. But, Tuesday night across the country in Hollywood on Jimmy Kimmel Live it was 6LACK’s time to shine.

As expected, 6LACK delivered not just a performance but an experience. Drenched in white from head to toe against the dark moody lighting he stood out easily. The performance also featured a female dancer, park bench and side view of a bus. The band members could be seen “sitting” on the train along with passengers who all had on headphones. 6LACK and the woman went from sitting on the bench together to sitting on the train together as he rapped soulfully. By the song’s conclusion he was sitting on the bench while she sat on the train as the reflection in the window made it appear that he was sitting on the train. Truly a unique yet intimate performance from the East Atlanta native.

Watch the performance below!

Published by

Paul Barnes

Writing has always been Paul’s passion. His ultimate dream is to become a best selling author but, that journey begins here! He also loves movies, music, and food (eating it more than cooking it!). He says he tends to gravitate towards action and some dramas but, can also really get into a psychological thriller. Being an open minded individual, he literally listens to ALL kinds of music, so he has favorite artists across multiple genres.

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