10 Creative Summer Dates

The sun continues to shine later in the day and temperatures are starting to rise, which means summer is approaching. It’s the perfect time to wear shorts and sandals, go to the beach, and go on dates with your summer love. Here are 10 dates you should try this summer:

1. Go to a festival.

Festivals are a great place to eat, walk around, and listen to good music. If that sounds like something you and your partner are interested in, start by Googling the different festivals that are going to happen in your city or state. In Troy, Ohio, there’s a Strawberry Festival. In Chicago, Illinois, there’s a Taste of Chicago festival. Keep searching the internet until you find the festival for you.

2. Go to IKEA.

This date idea is perfect for the couple who plans to move in together soon. Grab a notepad and pen (or use your phone), some snacks and water, and pick your future apartment setup. With this date idea, you’ll learn more about each other’s personal interior decoration preferences and will be able to jot down the things you can agree on, while compromising on what you can’t. It’ll also be fun to figure out how to get out of that furniture and decor maze together.

3. Go to a drive-in movie.

This date idea is for those who love to go to the movies, but would rather have more privacy with their partner. Grab snacks, drinks, and a blanket before heading in. Try to arrive early so you have more options of where you’d like to park and watch the movie. Then, silence your phones and put them in the backseat. If you’re going to see a comedy, you can crack jokes and laugh as loud as you want without bothering anyone. If you’re going to see a horror movie, you can share the blanket with each other and take turns covering your eyes when things get too scary. No matter the movie, the privacy and intimacy you will experience from this date will be worth it.

4. Go on a photography hunt.

There are plenty of places to see and many memories to capture. This date idea is for the adventurous and sentimental couple. Do a little research about cities or monuments that you’ve always wanted to visit. You can stay in your state or take a mini road trip across the country this summer. Grab your poloraid, DSLR, or phone to capture the moment when you arrive to your destination. Don’t be shy about asking others to take photos of you together, either!

5. Build a fort.

For the couple who are kids at heart, this idea is for you. Grab sofa cushions, chairs, and blankets to create a fort in your home or apartment. When you complete the fort and get inside, tell each other stories about yourselves that the other person didn’t know before, play card games, and binge watch Netflix or Hulu. This fort is a small world that you created together, so you can say and do whatever you want without the outside world looking in.

6. People watch.

Anything can be a date including people watching. If you’d like to drive around town to do it, grab fast food, take turns with the AUX, and see if you can find someone doing something interesting. Or if you’d like to walk around, go to a park or an outlet mall. Take turns making up stories about why someone is in a certain store, what relationships relationships they have with the people around them. Get creative with it.

7. Have a video game night.

A couple who plays games together, stays together. Pick a day when you’re both free and get a few two player video games. If you’re playing a game where you’re on the same team, cheer each other on and get close. High-five when you win, hug when you lose, and do whatever else you want to do. If you’re playing a game where you’re competing against one another, make a bet out of it. Whoever loses buys dinner, washes the dishes, or has to take the winner on another date.

8. Watch a movie in a pool.

During the summer, some pools provide a movie night where they set up a large projector and play a movie while people swim or lay on a pool air mattress. They usually play something water-related like Jaws or Moana. Check to see if your local pools are planning an event like this or if you have your own pool, you can try to do something similar at home.

9. Go on a picnic.

Don’t go to a park you’ve been to a hundred times. Take your date somewhere that has a view. Picnic by a beach, lake, or on top of a hill that looks over a city. To make it even more romantic, try going early enough to watch the sunrise or late enough to watch the sunset. If you wanted this picnic to be a surprise, plan weeks in advance. Slowly ask your date questions about or try to pick up on their favorite foods, deserts, fruits, vegetables, and drinks.

10. Plan a staycation.

Stay at home or book a room at a hotel nearby for a couple days. Light candles, take bubble baths, do face masks, journal, read, get oil or lotion and give each other massages. Make it a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for the both of you.

Summer is a great time to enjoy the sun and be with someone who gives you butterflies. Whether you want to take someone on a date for the first time or have been dating your significant other for years, these date ideas can work for you. If you haven’t tried any of these date ideas before, try them out this summer.

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