Met Gala 2019: Editor In Chief’s Picks

Every first Monday of May, the fashion world gears up for their biggest night: The Met Gala. As a fashion editor, I tend to look forward to this day more than my own birthday — the looks, the atmosphere, wondering who is going to follow the theme and who is going to have us saying “huh”? Well, this year actually surprised me. Typically, I’m expecting people to look GOOD but miss the mark on the theme but to my surprise, a lot of people showed out for this theme! (Which wasn’t hard if you ask me).

This year’s theme was Camp: Notes On Fashion. Similar to many others, I had no idea what the hell this meant. So I did some digging and researching so I knew what to look forward to last night. The best way I can put it for everyone to understand: kitsch extravaganza. We wanted over the top, we wanted feathers, we wanted drama, we wanted theatrics, we wanted mismatch patterns. This is what it was all about. Just going all out without a care in the world.

So who were the favorites of this year? Well, it was quite a few so what I decided to do was share my top five (5) favorite looks. Check out the full slideshow of looks below!

Editor in Chief picks

1. Billy Porter — not only did Billy Porter stick to the theme but he made such a grand entrance! And we stan dramatic entrances. His all gold, winged outfit made him the bell of the ball. I mean, who else can stand out better than the hosts of the entire event except The Billy Porter?

2. Katy Perry — Katy’s look was very “Be My Guest” but she pulled it off so well that I couldn’t stop staring at her as she walked the carpet.

3. Florence of Florence and The Machine — every year my girl seems to subtly nail the theme. She flies under the radar since we’re all so focused on the big stars but she really hits the nail on the head with the theme.

4. Laverne Cox — honey, Ms. Cox came and showed the girls what it means to give a fashion villain! I absolutely loved her look and I will stand by it forever!

5. Janelle Mone — it’s no surprise that the eclectic queen came and gave us exactly what we needed. Not only this she stand out with her geometrical shapes, her eye titty even winked!


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