DJ Khaled Brings Heavy Hitters to the SNL Season Finale

The black people in charge of musical guest booking at SNL really held it down for us this season y’all. We got Travis Scott, Ella Mai, Anderson .Paak, and more of our favorites this time around. But for the season finale last night we got an onslaught of big names all on one episode. DJ Khaled was the official guest but we all know he had to bring at least two artists with him… he brought EIGHT. They included Lil Wayne, J Balvin, Meek Mill, SZA, John Legend, Big Sean, Jeremih and Lil Baby.

The first song performed was “Jealous” with Wayne and Big Sean there live to do their respective verses with Chris Brown’s hook on the backing track. Next, “You Stay” was performed with Jeremih, Meek Mill, Lil Baby and J Balvin all present to contribute their parts live. There was nothing special about the performances themselves as the x-shaped stage had some smoke and that’s as far as it goes for theatrics. But, if you like either of these songs than you’ll probably enjoy the performances. Peep them below!

The second set of performances were miles above the first. SZA began them posted on a live piano belting out her vocals from “Just Us”. This gave way to “Weather The Storm” in which Meek did his verse. Then, in a truly beautiful moment, the piano rotated to reveal John Legend playing it while singing his hook from “Higher”. In the background, practically watching over the stage during this moment was neon blue drawing of Nipsey himself as well. Then to close out, all of the nights musical guests came on stage and stood together in tribute. Check it out below.


Videos courtesy of YouTube. 

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