Bossing up at the BAUCE HAUS

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive one day summit for BAUCE HAUS, an event that introduced women to self-made and ambitious Black women who provided tips and tactics on how to execute goals and be our own boss, and I must say that it was nothing short of amazing. Let’s start with the ambiance in itself, the venue was the perfect space for an intimate setting without compromising comfortability. From the details in the decor to the perfect product placement and the framed words of affirmation, I was already looking forward to what the event would entail.  

Photo courtesy of Demtri Julian

The summit included multiple panels and workshops, with topics ranging from how to get control of your finances to learning how to manage your life and career and building self-motivation. There were so many tools and pieces of advice provided by 39 successful Black women, being in a room and feeling like you could relate to these successful women, was such a reassuring feeling. Every panel was great and useful, but the ones that resonated with me the most were, “Changes: when to pivot in business & life”, “Building a creative brand that resonates”, and “Soulful storytelling that sells”. The approach of the event was meant to come off as personable and it was executed flawlessly. It was more than business talk, it was life talk. Ridding toxic relationships, how to work on your self-confidence and true self-care were topics that opened up a powerful dialogue. For the creative and corporate women, there was literally something for everyone.

Photo Courtesy of Demtri Jordan

Aside from the electric energy throughout the venue, there was also a BAUCE shop, featuring Black women-owned products available for purchase, wonderful catering with great food and cocktails provided at the end of the event. DJ ZSA ZSA was the vibe curator and she did just that with the tunes, at one point there was a walk off contest as well as traditional twerk session, it was beautiful. There were so many gems provided by women that I admire, and getting to hear their stories was a wonderful, eye-opening experience. With so many points provided, the biggest takeaway that I got from the event was being told to give ourselves grace and flow. Mistakes are inevitable and our journey will be flawed, but the key is to keep going and not be hard on yourself, like many of us are.

Photo Courtesy of T Events

What founder and CEO, Liane Membis has created with the entire BAUCE brand is not only needed in our community, but it’s a great representation of hardworking and ambitious women of color that are personable and inspiring. I am so honored that I was able to share this experience with so many other young Black women, just like me. I left motivated and hopeful, and nothing feels better than that!

Check out the live recap here!

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