The Journey to Success with Bri Hall

Courtesy of WMA/Louis Browne

In today’s age, the internet has made it possible for individuals to do many things. Social media and other platforms has changed the way in which the world is able to do things. Along with this being a digital age, it is much easier for many people who want to put themselves out there and showcase their talents, to chase their dreams and achieve their goals. However, the pressure that is put on an individual in this digital age can be hard for one to stay true to who they really are and may have them changing who they are just so they can feel accepted. In this case, Bri Hall was not one of them.

Bri Hall is a 25 year old artist that has received her recognition through YouTube. What started off as her just using the channel to share her love for the arts soon became something bigger that she never saw coming. As the attention she was starting to receive began to grow rapidly and people becoming curious to know more about her, she started posting herself and began creating videos that focused on beauty and fashion.

Over the years, she racked up a whopping number of over 700,000+ subscribers solely off of just staying true to herself. Even with her continued rising success, she is relatable and makes everyone feel like they too can reach their dreams.

As she continues on journey, Bri Hall went through a rebranding and is taking over the music world as La Hara. With this new chapter starting in her story, I was able to have a conversation with her about her humble beginnings to where she is heading to now.

Courtesy of WMA/Louis Browne

Tell me about how you became a person that wanted to create art. What made you gravitate towards creating and doing it as a career?

I strongly believe that art is one of my biggest blessings. At birth, I feel like the man upstairs sprinkled something extra on my mind and hands. I started creating around age 2 and no one in my family could explain how I learned. I had a teacher in high school tell me when I was entering the STEM field, that she saw me for who I was. She said that creating wasn’t just a hobby it was part of me and no matter how far I ran from it I would always end up coming back. She was right.

You started off sharing your talents on YouTube through your artwork. Eventually, people were intrigued by you and wanted to know more based on your authenticity and 100% being you. Looking back at the beginning, how do you feel about the beginning of your YouTube journey to where you are now?

I would have laughed for 3 minutes and changed the subject if someone told me I would do all of this a few years ago! I was so excited when my art channel reached 200 subscribers, I mean, I remember that day. I was like wow 200 people connect with my art. I thought of it like a high school classroom, the average class had 30 kids, so in my mind, that was almost 7 classrooms!! I can barely conceptualize 700,000+ people! I’m so humbled by the process.

As a person that has been following your work for some years, music has never been a stranger to the content that you have been putting out. It has always been a major part of your life. What made you want to become a music artist? How did you get to that point?

First, thank you so much for your support! Music has been my safety, my escape, and my diary. I feel like it enhances everyday parts of life so much. Letting go of some fear of judgment. I had to get to the point where I could visualize people saying, “I hate this,” and not feeling bad about it. Letting that go gave me new courage that I didn’t know I had! I know that what’s meant for you will be for you, so my music will resonate with the right people. For example, if you’ve never been a second priority to anyone or ignored anyone important to you, then maybe Mindful isn’t the track for you. For the people that empathize that track may just mean everything to them ❤️

Along with the music you were creating, you made another change, your name. Why did you decide to go with the name La Hara? Can you explain the meaning behind it?

La Hara is an ode to one of my favorite paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat. I remember an old comment on one of my drawing videos that said, “Art creating Art.” What more appropriate of a stage name than one of my favorite pieces?

How did your audience take it when you made a switch on your name? Was the support the same or did it take a while for them to gravitate and embrace it?

I was thinking it would take at least a year, but wow people are really embracing the La Hara name! I love seeing Instagram comments that are uplifting where supporters use my stage name.


In the beginning of the year, you released your debut single “Mindful.” What does that song mean to you? 

The song ‘Mindful’ by La Hara is a heavy track for me. It means being there for the people that mean the most to your world and knowing the impact your action or inaction can have on your loved ones.

Following up from the debut, you then released another track called “Unlawful.” Tell me about the process of putting the song together.

Unlawful is my BABY! I literally had so much fun recording this song! It came from the inspiration of watching a Netflix series where these two characters fought for their love. I originally wrote Unlawful as a poem.

You have always been a person that focuses on visual art/content. What was the inspiration behind the video for “Unlawful?”

The Inspiration behind unlawful was one of the opening scenes with Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale. Though I wrote the song with external factors being what a couple fought against, I thought it would be a nice spin to see a couple where what was being fought was within.

With keeping up with uploading on your channel and hitting the studio to put these songs together, it seems like it can be a lot. How do you balance out everything to the point you don’t overwork yourself/find time for yourself?

I started reading a lot of audiobooks and something that stuck with me was the importance of prioritizing playtime and rewards. I used to work and think that brakes were procrastinating. Now I divvy up my workload and the heart of the task, I think to myself, what is something that would really put you in a great mental health space? And I let that thing be my reward. Another thing that has helped is honesty. Sometimes being the perfectionist that I’ve been I thought telling people that I wasn’t feeling well or perhaps even saying no I can’t go to that meant weakness. I realized that people respect you more when you advocate for yourself and you’re transparent. Imagine showing up somewhere with a terrible migraine and a tummy ache, but not telling anyone. When you don’t speak to people in full transparency they may take it as you having an attitude or being low energy. In this country when you trust people with your truth they can work with you to come up with mutually beneficial solutions. But when you’re feeling good still go hard! It makes those pause moments so earned.

Something I can say about you is that you have a gift of uplifting and empowering others so that they can see the best in themselves. Just the way you carry yourself and allow people to see sides of you that can be hard can inspire others to do the same. With having a big platform and many looking up to you, why do you feel it is important for you to not be afraid to be yourself and help who you can with your messages?

I think this is important because frankly, most people can see right through you when you’re faking it. Being authentic can really help people feel like you’re not a robot and that you do a live a similar life with similar moods and struggles. Like, look y’all I stub my toe on the edge of the couch and jump up and down cursing too okay? But guess what? We bounce back after that too.

What is something you wished you knew before pursuing your music career?

I wished I knew how political it could be. Being an artist visually and hanging around a lot of photographers and engineers I am very laid-back. Music from stories I’m told can be like high school, the popular kids, the anime crew and all that! I never quite fit anywhere in high school so I’m prepping for that too in music.

Do you have any upcoming projects we can expect soon?

I’m working on an EP, but definitely taking my time with it because I want to make sure everything feels complete. I am also performing at the Bungalow Music Festival in D.C. which I’m so excited about because it’s my first performance. It’s on August 10 so make sure y’all get your tickets. I can’t wait!

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