Most Wanted Trends: Winter 2020

Who would’ve ever thought 2020 would creep among us so quickly? And,  who would’ve ever thought the jurisdictions of fashion would reach far beyond the traditional guidelines of themes and forecasting? We are now entering into an era where practicality within the realm of ready to wear is no more. We are now in living in a space where dimensions collide within the fashion world — Avant Garde is becoming the new Street Style. The rules to what was once considered “fashionable” is now liberal. Individuals are free to roam the streets in garments that are androgynous, original and gives cosplay a new name. Wear what you want, but keep it bundled.. here are my favorite trends for Winter 2020: 

Terminator Vibes


Deep down inside, I knew shoulder pads would emerge back into the fashion world.. but not so soon. I personally try to stray away from shoulder pads, ( I think my shoulders are broad enough). But don’t listen to me, embrace this late 80’s/ early 90’s phenomena with real love.

 Jackets and blouses with thick shoulders and detailed sleeves have graced multiple runways for the A/W 2019-2020 season. Funky and flow-y sleeves have also been a “thing” this season. My only advice for this retro look: Make sure you choose the best overcoat and sweater option if layering blouses with heavy sleeves,  especially if you have softer fabrics like silk and chiffon tops blessing your closet.

Noteworthy collections include Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Balmain, and Isabel Marant.

Grunge Empress


Dolled up. Grunge out. Princess punk looks are definitely in for this upcoming Winter season. Women’s wear has turned it up volumes in grunge and punk rock department with an euphoric play on the use of fabrics, texture, and heavy metals (Literally, heavy metals) which designers incorporated into their looks.


Prada, for example gave me ultimate Wednesday starts school at Monster High vibe. Miuccia Prada had a trip using 3D floral arrangements to make bold statements onto skirts and dresses for the 2019 winter collection. Dolce & Gabbana gave classic funeral looks with a 1920’s flair– plenty of skirts and dresses with tulle, freshly studded Oxfords paired with nylon knee high and dress socks. Lastly, one of my all time favorite houses, Alexander McQueen showcased Grungy chic looks– Floral tea party dresses with heavy combat boots, A-line leather dresses with bondage chain belts , chokers and sexy chained ear cuffs to match.

Savvy Suiting


Can we all agree that corporate fashion has become a little casual within the last couple of years, no? Well, we are way beyond the point of pairing Old Skool Vans with a dapper suit. Fashion houses for this Winter season have been experimental with wool suiting and draping it onto the body in the most nonconforming and coolest way. Different variations of plaid has been used as well. Houndstooth, checker-board, buffalo, tartan and even abstract plaid designs in which I am pretty sure some designers created on their own.. The bottom line: Don’t underestimate the pant suit hiding in your closet anymore. There are so many ways to create them into something new. I am in LOVE with how vivid and fun suits will look this winter.


Noteworthy designers- Off-White, Dries Van Noten , Prada and Gucci

Overcoats, Capes & Puffers

Overcoats and Puffer coats are trending for this season. Asymmetrical styles for Overcoats and Capes include your usual wool blend but designers have also managed to create overcoats varying with vibrant color, sequin accents , and fur and ostrich feather hems like Valentino. Some overcoats were also bedazzled with gems, brooches, and sublimed with snake, tiger, and cheetah print. Waist belts are also used to illuminate and accentuate the waist area on overcoats and capes alike.


Leather overcoats are a must have this season. Plenty of plush leather jackets arrived in different colors such as cobalt blues, browns, and deep reds to fit the mood of the season. My favorite silhouettes this season were from Fendi. I also admired how Coach 1941 played with the fabrication on their overcoats, they managed to blend wool and leather together for a hippie goes to the mountains type of look.  Long overcoats in Fleece and Shearling were popular on the runways as well. Designers such as Rick Owens added a little shoulder to his Overcoats and to me, gave off a Sci-Fi, androgynous, Constantine flavor.


Lastly, let’s talk about Puffer coats. I am so excited that puffer coats are being taken more seriously on the runway this year than just in the world of Hypebeast street wear. Puffers at waist level are being layered and paired with trousers. Super long Puffer coats are being paired with blazers underneath and designers such as Dries Van Noten managed to go the extra mile and produce gorgeous floral print onto soft velvet fabric. Virgil Abloh added a fun checkerboard theme to the Puffer coats for the Off-White collection. And Chiuri for Dior came through on the runway with buffalo plaid in wool and a dustery-fur aesthetic to be layered over leather trousers and tulle skirts.


Clash of Texture, Mix of Prints


Lastly, I have to go over the utilization of mismatched print on print, heavy texture on softer textures and so forth. As a designer, I used to cringe at the thought of taking two fabrics on the opposite spectrum of the scale and blending them together. I stressed about the practicality of how sustainable the fabric would be in terms of ready to wear, but I can’t lie– the use of the fabric for this up and coming season makes me ready to risk it all. It’s bold, daring and makes styling imaginative again. 


Noteworthy Designers: Paco Rabanne, Louis Vuitton, and Balmain


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