Diversity And Inclusion: Fashion’s Favorite Buzzwords

How many times have you heard “diversity” and “inclusion” when it comes to the fashion industry in 2019 alone? This year major fashion companies made it their mission to be diverse and include the rest of the world into their prestigious circle because, well, segregation is wrong. Shocker.

I’ve worked in the fashion industry since I was 16 years old. I’m no stranger to sabotage some of the tastemakers in fashion tend to do to Black people so as I sit here today reading Kerby Jean-Raymond’s letter to the publication Business of Fashion, I cry tears of joy. To read his letter, click here.

For decades, Black people have fought tooth and nail to be accepted into fashion and art. We watched as many white and white passing people have mocked and shamed us then stole our work. We sat back while we were used to fill a diversity quota in these large, white, spaces. They screamed “inclusion” and stole our work. They said “diverse” and underpaid us. We sat back and we watched, powerlessly. As they made themselves look good, we worked tirelessly to try to make a name for ourselves.

While we make them look good and share our ideas with them, they’re taking notes. They’re always taking notes on us, on our lingo, on our style, on our trends. We are the trendsetters. We are the visionaries and they know this so what do they do? Create an alternative agenda. Similar to what they did to Kerby. They invite us in as though we’re being recognized and celebrated then the mask comes off. We get blindsided and humiliated. So how do we fight back? How do we stop making diversity and inclusion just meaningless buzzwords? We do what Kerby did. Take the power back.

We use the platform we’ve built and network with people who look like us. We sit at the tables where our neighbors share the same hue as us. We take our power back. We hold them accountable. We continue to create spaces for our people. We don’t allow them to let this happen again. So thank you Kerby for using you voice to share you experience and unmasking the truth; holding BOF accountable for their actions and rooting for the people who look like you.

Letter from Glossē Magazine EIC @amaniwintour

Giorgio Armani To Be Honored At The Fashion Awards 2019

Chairman and CEO of the Armani Group, Giorgio Armani will be honored at this year’s Fashion Awards for the Outstanding Achievement Award. Armani’s name has been a household name in the fashion world for quite sometime: Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, and A/X Armani Exchange collections.

Caroline Rush CBE, Chief Executive, commented: “We are thrilled to be honouring Giorgio Armani with the Outstanding Achievement Award. With more than four decades in the business, Mr Armani’s contribution to the fashion industry is indeed outstanding. Renowned for his timeless vision of style and the brands’ ability to stay relevant, he has led the way where other brands have followed. We look forward to celebrating with him in London in December.”

Outside of fashion, Armani has been involved in many humanitarian efforts including UNICEF and Green Cross. The designer has also held awards for his sociological impact with Solomon R. Guggenheim and awards for Award for Best International Designer, Lifetime Achievement Award for Menswear, Art and Fashion from the CFDA and the first Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award which makes him the perfect recipient for this year’s Outstanding Achievement Award.

According to BFC, “The Outstanding Achievement Award celebrates the overwhelming creative contribution of an individual to the fashion industry, who throughout their illustrious career has constantly shaped and reshaped the fashion world through their innovation and creativity.” A few people who you may recognize hold this title including Miuccia Prada, Ralph Lauren KBE, Karl Lagerfeld, Dame Anna Wintour, Terry and Tricia Jones and Manolo Blahnik.

This year’s awards will be held on Monday December 2, 2019 in London.

Beyoncé Rocks Marine Serre From Head To Toe

Yesterday, Beyoncé blessed us with her classic triple posts of her at the playoff game in her hometown of Houston, Texas. Beyoncé’s court-side style is always up to par so it makes sense she would rock Marine Serre last night.

Marine Serre is an Parisian designer best known for her print, skin tight designs, and hardcore couture designs. Bey rocks her All Over Moon bodysuit with a MS belt at her waist and a long leather jacket. The whole outfit comes together as she accessorizes with vintage sunglasses and the MS Hardcore Couture bag.

Met Gala 2019: Editor In Chief’s Picks

Every first Monday of May, the fashion world gears up for their biggest night: The Met Gala. As a fashion editor, I tend to look forward to this day more than my own birthday — the looks, the atmosphere, wondering who is going to follow the theme and who is going to have us saying “huh”? Well, this year actually surprised me. Typically, I’m expecting people to look GOOD but miss the mark on the theme but to my surprise, a lot of people showed out for this theme! (Which wasn’t hard if you ask me).

This year’s theme was Camp: Notes On Fashion. Similar to many others, I had no idea what the hell this meant. So I did some digging and researching so I knew what to look forward to last night. The best way I can put it for everyone to understand: kitsch extravaganza. We wanted over the top, we wanted feathers, we wanted drama, we wanted theatrics, we wanted mismatch patterns. This is what it was all about. Just going all out without a care in the world.

So who were the favorites of this year? Well, it was quite a few so what I decided to do was share my top five (5) favorite looks. Check out the full slideshow of looks below!

Editor in Chief picks

1. Billy Porter — not only did Billy Porter stick to the theme but he made such a grand entrance! And we stan dramatic entrances. His all gold, winged outfit made him the bell of the ball. I mean, who else can stand out better than the hosts of the entire event except The Billy Porter?

2. Katy Perry — Katy’s look was very “Be My Guest” but she pulled it off so well that I couldn’t stop staring at her as she walked the carpet.

3. Florence of Florence and The Machine — every year my girl seems to subtly nail the theme. She flies under the radar since we’re all so focused on the big stars but she really hits the nail on the head with the theme.

4. Laverne Cox — honey, Ms. Cox came and showed the girls what it means to give a fashion villain! I absolutely loved her look and I will stand by it forever!

5. Janelle Mone — it’s no surprise that the eclectic queen came and gave us exactly what we needed. Not only this she stand out with her geometrical shapes, her eye titty even winked!


Wanda Ferragamo Dies At Age 96

Wanda Ferragamo died Friday, October 19th at the age of 96, nearly six decades after she took over her husband Salvatore Ferragamo’s empire. The family has not confirmed her cause of death.

Under Mrs. Ferragamo’s leadership, first as company president and later as the head of the board of directors, the brand grew from producing 6,500 pairs of shoes a year to more than 10,000 pairs a day. According to Bloomberg News, the business has annual revenue of about $1.6 billion.

She had a strict policy about her children who worked for the company to all receive the same salary; also not wanting any in-laws to be employed by the brand.

Current CEO Micaela Le Divelec Lemmi, former VP at Gucci, will continue her role at Ferragamo, along side the couple’s oldest son Ferruccio Ferragamo who is Chairman.