P.E. Nation At Sydney Fashion Week

This activewear streetwear brand has taken over Sydney Fashion Week. From its colorful pieces to its diverse models. P.E. Nation was created by Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning in Sydney Australia. P.E. Nation balances streetwear with active wear for the people who are in office all day or have errands to run. With high quality fabric and silhouettes that give their collection a fashion forward concept. Check out their pieces from their Sydney Fashion Week shoe below!

Black Women And Fashion Takeover

Who doesn’t want to support black businesses? More specifically, who wouldn’t want to support black female owned boutiques? Here are five black female owned boutiques that you need to check out ASAP! They’re all different from one another and one might be the right fit for you.

1. Charley’s Closet

Via Instagram

Owner: Charley Moné York

Location: Online

Prices: $7.99–$42.00 (in “Apparel”)

Type: Night/Day Out

This online boutique’s owner is Charley Moné York. York’s vision, according to the Charley’s Closet website, “is to create a brand that is affordable, comfy, and chic.” York also stated, “Whether you’re going on a business trip or to a nightclub, Charley’s Closet has all of your clothing needs.” York began her boutique in college and has recently graduated. York’s online boutique features dresses, matching sets, pants, and more. The sizes offered in her clothing are small, medium, and large. The style of clothing provided is best for those who want to find clothes to wear to any event during the day or night––cookouts, clubs, bars, beaches…you name it!

Interested? You can check out Charley’s Closet here: https://shopcharleyscloset.com/

2. Curve Conscious

Via thecurvyfashionista.com    

Owner: Adrienne Ray

Location: Philadelphia/Online

Prices: $12–$18 (in “Tops)

Type: Plus Size/Thrift

The owner of this plus size resale boutique is Adrienne Ray. According to the Curve Conscious website, Ray created this boutique “after being frustrated for years with local consignment, resale and thrift shops for their lack of plus-size clothing options.” Ray’s mission for Curve Conscious was “to provide an exclusive space where plus-size women can feel safe and comfortable, while they shop and sell gently used items in great condition.” Ray’s boutique offers shoes, accessories, and clothing such as outerwear, skirts, and tops. Sizes of the clothes range from 12 to 28. Curve Conscious also provides private shopping sessions. This boutique is perfect for plus size women who need a little more body positivity in their life and who want to go thrift shopping while knowing they will definitely find clothing in their size. Curve Conscious is both in-store and online.

Interested? You can check out Curve Conscious here: https://www.curveconsciousphilly.com/

3. A.Z.R.I.E.L.

Via Instagram

Owner: Azrie’l Johnson

Location: Online

Prices: $25–$28

Type: Mom/Breastfeeding Positivity

This online boutique’s owner is Azrie’l Johnson. Johnson’s mission, according to the A.Z.R.I.E.L. website, is to create “a brand to support, educate, beautify, and encourage ALL women on their breastfeeding journey.” Johnson also stated, “I am passionate (zealous) about God, breastfeeding, helping mothers to feel beautiful, worthy, and enough.” Though the boutique is new and currently only offers a short sleeve V-neck T-shirt with “I Am Enough” written across its front, the sizes included for this tee range from small to 2X. This online boutique is for the mothers who want to feel confident in breastfeeding and feel beautiful as a mother.

Interested? You can check out A.Z.R.I.E.L. here: https://azriel.shop/

4. Matte

Via Instagram

Owner: Briana Shaneé Wilson

Location: Online

Prices: $65–$85 (in “The Caution Basics”)

Type: Form-Fitting/Daring

Matte Brand owner, Briana Shaneé Wilson — according to Fader, Wilson “launched MATTE, a brand with must-have basics, inspired by her love for clothing with minimal design, femininity and comfort,” after moving to New York City in search of starting a modeling career. Fader also stated that her brand has even “been worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Karreuche and Draya.” Matte offers clothing in categories such as lace, fitness, and basics. Matte offers jumpsuits, bodysuits, matching sets, and more with sizes ranging from extra small to large. This online boutique is for those who enjoy form-fitting clothing and looks that will make you feel sexy.

Interested? You can check out Matte here: https://shopmatte.com/

5. Premme

Via Instagram

Owners: Gabi Gregg (Left) and Nicolette Mason (Right)

Location: Online

Prices: $25–$149 (in “Shop”)

Type: Plus Size/Fashion-Forward

This online boutique’s owners are Gabi Gregg, who is black, and Nicolette Mason. According to Premme’s website, “Premme was born out of a love of fashion and the recognition that the industry is still lacking when it comes to the wants and needs of plus size women.” The website also stated, “We believe babes of all sizes deserve bold, fashion-forward statement pieces without compromise.” Both Gregg and Mason have worked within the fashion industry as “fashion editors at InStyle and Marie Claire, design consultants and two of the first style bloggers…” Premme offers size guides on their website––one in centimeters, the other in inches. The sizes range from large to 6X, but in Premme sizes, a 0 is large and a 6 is a 6X. Premme also offers skirts, tops, jackets, and more. This online boutique is for plus size women who want to be trendy and express their personality through fashion.

Interested? You can check out Premme here: https://premme.us/

Different people have different needs and wants when it comes to fashion, including styles, sizes, budgets, and a meaningful mission from the brand they’re buying from. Hopefully, one of these black female owned boutiques meets all of your needs and wants. And while you’re at it, check out and support the black female owned boutiques near you!

Beyoncé Rocks Marine Serre From Head To Toe

Yesterday, Beyoncé blessed us with her classic triple posts of her at the playoff game in her hometown of Houston, Texas. Beyoncé’s court-side style is always up to par so it makes sense she would rock Marine Serre last night.

Marine Serre is an Parisian designer best known for her print, skin tight designs, and hardcore couture designs. Bey rocks her All Over Moon bodysuit with a MS belt at her waist and a long leather jacket. The whole outfit comes together as she accessorizes with vintage sunglasses and the MS Hardcore Couture bag.

Met Gala 2019: Editor In Chief’s Picks

Every first Monday of May, the fashion world gears up for their biggest night: The Met Gala. As a fashion editor, I tend to look forward to this day more than my own birthday — the looks, the atmosphere, wondering who is going to follow the theme and who is going to have us saying “huh”? Well, this year actually surprised me. Typically, I’m expecting people to look GOOD but miss the mark on the theme but to my surprise, a lot of people showed out for this theme! (Which wasn’t hard if you ask me).

This year’s theme was Camp: Notes On Fashion. Similar to many others, I had no idea what the hell this meant. So I did some digging and researching so I knew what to look forward to last night. The best way I can put it for everyone to understand: kitsch extravaganza. We wanted over the top, we wanted feathers, we wanted drama, we wanted theatrics, we wanted mismatch patterns. This is what it was all about. Just going all out without a care in the world.

So who were the favorites of this year? Well, it was quite a few so what I decided to do was share my top five (5) favorite looks. Check out the full slideshow of looks below!

Editor in Chief picks

1. Billy Porter — not only did Billy Porter stick to the theme but he made such a grand entrance! And we stan dramatic entrances. His all gold, winged outfit made him the bell of the ball. I mean, who else can stand out better than the hosts of the entire event except The Billy Porter?

2. Katy Perry — Katy’s look was very “Be My Guest” but she pulled it off so well that I couldn’t stop staring at her as she walked the carpet.

3. Florence of Florence and The Machine — every year my girl seems to subtly nail the theme. She flies under the radar since we’re all so focused on the big stars but she really hits the nail on the head with the theme.

4. Laverne Cox — honey, Ms. Cox came and showed the girls what it means to give a fashion villain! I absolutely loved her look and I will stand by it forever!

5. Janelle Mone — it’s no surprise that the eclectic queen came and gave us exactly what we needed. Not only this she stand out with her geometrical shapes, her eye titty even winked!


Virgil Abloh Previews Off-White’s Fall/Winter 2019 Collection At Paris Fashion Week

Virgil Abloh, the founder of Off-White––the Italian streetwear and luxury fashion label that was ranked as the world’s hottest brand in late 2018 by the Lyst Index––revealed Off-White’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection at Paris Fashion Week.

In Paris, Off-White mainly showcased their Men’s FW19 collection, which was titled “Public Television”. According to Vogue, Abloh said “he was making the point that, at least for those of us who grew up watching TV, the barrage of ads and images were actually forming our environment and shaping our view of the world.”

In the Off-White Men’s FW19 Runway Show, green screens were used to display various images and videos as the models walked along dirt covered pathways and a floor covered by––you guessed it––green screens. The aesthetic of the men’s collection was news reporter meets ‘90s street style. The collection featured enlarged blazers, button-up shirts, blue to orange ombréd drawstrings, cowboy boots, sneakers and baggy denim jeans reminiscent of the ‘90s.

Another item featured in the show was the puffer coat.

Offset–-one of the three rappers in Migos––sported a large, long lilac puffer coat with blue to orange ombréd drawstrings hanging from his pants. His look also included layered chains, sunglasses and Off-White sneakers.

Another rapper who modeled for the show was Playboi Carti. Playboi Carti walked in a black sweatshirt with “OFF” in lime green text on the front. White illustration was also on the front and back of the sweatshirt. He wore lime green baggy pants and held a lime green bag with a strap displaying the Off-White logo in all caps in his left hand. Carti’s outfit––as well as the other models who wore lime green outfits––often blended into the green screen used for the show.

Although the show mainly featured the men’s collection, Abloh made sure to include pieces from the Women’s Pre-Fall 2019 collection. The women’s collection has a business meets high school sports aesthetic with fringe and floral patterns tossed in every now and then. This isn’t too much of a surprise since the collection was titled “Do You Cheer”.

The few pieces featured in the show from the women’s collection included the floral catsuits, long button-up shirt dresses and fringe boots.

Some of the male and female models sported football helmets as they walked, tying in the sports aesthetic of the women’s collection with the news reporter look of the men’s collection. There were many black and grey outfits displayed in the show, but outfits with pops of color including bright orange, yellow and green were also seen.

In the end, Abloh jogged out from behind the scenes to take center stage wearing a black hoodie with a lime green shirt underneath, matching the models who ended the show in their lime green outfits.

The Off-White Men’s FW19 Runway Show is now streaming on Off-White’s website.

Cardi B And Fashion Nova Release Collaborative Line

It comes with no surprise that the debutante Cardi B would eventually land a collab with retailer Fashion Nova.  The exclusive line launched today at midnight, and sold out soon after. The FN x Cardi line consists of 82 pieces that range from $12.99-$200.  As Cardi has previously expressed through various social media posts, she wanted to make the line have a luxury look, but at an affordable cost.

Cardi hosted a pre-launch event last night that had a guest list of other female rappers including City Girls, Saweetie, and Dream Doll. She took to her Instagram account to thank her fans for helping her break a record of quickest sold out items with  Fashion Nova.

You can see the collaboration line here.

A$ap Ferg Releases His New Traplord Collection

Earlier this week, A$ap Ferg, member of A$ap Mob, announced the release of his new Traplord collection.  

About five years ago, Ferg released his debut album Trap Lord with features from his mob member A$ap Rocky and the legendary Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. 

The Harlem native created a streetwear clothing line to coincide with his album; which seems like a likely duo since the “Shabba” rapper comes from a line of designers. In fact, his father ran a shop in Harlem where he printed tees for hip-hop icons Heavy D and Diddy. Before he ran his own store, Darryl Ferguson Sr. worked with the great Dapper Dan who was a pioneer that combined high fashion with hood fashion.

Ferg’s Traplord University collection will be made up of a variety of sweatsuits. With designs from a university’s track team and fall toned colors, the new line is perfect for the fall season. You can check out the full collection here.

Photos: Courtesy of @officialtraplord and @asapferg via Instagram  

Moschino And H&M Collaborate To Bring Mickey Mouse And MTV Boldness

 Naomi Campbell walks in the H&M x Moschino fashion show in NYC. | Matteo Prandoni/ BFA.com
Naomi Campbell walks in the H&M x Moschino fashion show in NYC. | Matteo Prandoni/ BFA.com

Logos, humour, pop culture and glamour: Jeremy Scott brings high-octane fun to the high street retailer to hit H&M stores and online November 8th.

Loud CD-print shirts and crop tops sit alongside baseball shirts, hoodies and scarves featuring Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck patches, enlarged and sequin-embellished.

 Photo Courtesy: Fashion Journal
Photo Courtesy: Fashion Journal

“It’s cartoon couture mixed with a street wear vibe doused with hip hop worthy amounts of bling bling to create a totally Moschino look.” Moschino’s Creative Director Jeremy Scott told UK fashion critics. 

 Photo Courtesy hm.com
Photo Courtesy hm.com

See more of the brands collaboration on the official H&M website here.

Cardi B Collaborates With Reebok

On November 5th, Cardi B announced on her Instagram that she will now be the new face of Reebok!  

Cardi B and Reebok will be going into the archives to bring back the 90’s classic shoe, Aztrek. The shoe will run at a cost of $90.

Not much information has been released except that Cardi was the “ideal candidate” for this new partnership. 

We will keep you updated with more details. For now, check out the designs and apparel here

Wanda Ferragamo Dies At Age 96

Wanda Ferragamo died Friday, October 19th at the age of 96, nearly six decades after she took over her husband Salvatore Ferragamo’s empire. The family has not confirmed her cause of death.

Under Mrs. Ferragamo’s leadership, first as company president and later as the head of the board of directors, the brand grew from producing 6,500 pairs of shoes a year to more than 10,000 pairs a day. According to Bloomberg News, the business has annual revenue of about $1.6 billion.

She had a strict policy about her children who worked for the company to all receive the same salary; also not wanting any in-laws to be employed by the brand.

Current CEO Micaela Le Divelec Lemmi, former VP at Gucci, will continue her role at Ferragamo, along side the couple’s oldest son Ferruccio Ferragamo who is Chairman.