Virgil Abloh Just Dropped A Sneak Peek At His New Off—White/Nike Women’s Shoe

We’ve been following the journey of Virgil since Pyrex days to Off—White, Louis Vuitton, and now Nike. His latest sneaker with Nike is nothing short of his signature look.

We first captured the sneaker on Bella Hadid’s Instagram story where she and Virgil posed with the shoe and captioned the selfie with “the heat”. 

We first saw Virgil’s designs with Nike when he designed Serena Williams’ US Open Finals outfits. He even went on to design a custom shoe for her daughter, Olympia. Now just a short month later, the designer is releasing his latest “track and field” shoe with Nike.

Along with the surprise shoe release, Virgil will be creating a runway show to show off the new designs. The show will have a ”track and field” theme as well to align with the newest designs. 

Check back with us in a few days to get the full report on Off–White’s latest collection.

3 Things You Need To Know About A$ap Rocky’s Under Armour Collaboration

 The Structure 

By looking at the shoe, you might think it’s a  ‘90’s chunky, skater shoe. But in his interview with HighSnobiety, Rocky clarifies that that was the inspiration. He wanted a skater/rave shoe. For us rave goers, you know how difficult it is to find a comfortable shoe that doesn’t uphold to the rave life. This shoe does exactly that. The SRLo is made  up of different materials, has an extra chunky midsole, and a thick tongue that is branded by Awge.

The Inspiration 

While making this shoe, Rocky worked closely with Davey Mayhew, known legendary skater, who was the designer for Osiris D3. If you were a skater from the hood, then you know exactly how iconic this mash up was.

Skate Rave

Now, many people in the sake community aren’t too happy with this new term Rocky has coined for the direction of his shoe but after doing some deep research on the skater life and rave life, it makes sense, right? So, skate rave. Just as it states, skaters & ravers coming together. From the thick exterior and thick soles, it’s basically everything a skater and rave goer could ask for.

We’re actually excited to see more of Rocky’s take on the skater life. Since Testing, he seems to be playing with this theme so let’s see what else the rapper has in store for us.