Self Care Glosse Market

Glosse is excited to launch our Self Care Glosse Market Spring 2020! Our marketplace aims to help build the clientele of Black owned beauty businesses. From estheticians, wellness brands, make up brands, massage therapists, and more, every brand in our marketplace is Black owned and operated. You will be able to search by any major city for whatever self care you need, see which companies are active or launching soon, get the contact information to speak directly to a member of their team, and recommend a service to a friend. Our hopes are that you use this tool when you travel and even if you’re in your hometown.

If you are a brand, you can simply fill out the form below and pay the one time yearly payment of $5 – once approved. For our customers, you will be able to begin using our marketplace this upcoming Spring. So help us get to 200 businesses so we can launch this market!

Here are some fineprint things you should know:
  • Our businesses are vetted by our team closely. We have an extensive approval process.
  • Business owners are not required to pay until they receive an approval email; this also means that your business will not be placed in the directory until the yearly payment is complete.
  • Glosse is not responsible for any unsatisfied customer service or dealings with the visit/product. Should you have an issue with a business, we recommend contacting them directly.
  • If a business has persistent negative reviews, our team will make the necessary steps to remove that business.