The 7 Wonders Of The Fashion World

For decades and decades, fashion has always been one of the artistic expressions that truly showed one’s personality. There have been people who have altered the industry with their vision, collections that shifted how we wear pieces, and so forth. I sat for awhile and thought of some fashion moments and people that were monumental in the fashion world — people I’ve looked up to starting my career in fashion, moments that made me glad I was in this industry, and people who your kids’ kids will know.

1. Michele Lamy

The iconic French fashion, designer, and art icon. With her famous black dipped fingers, rare jewelry pieces, and all gold grillz, Michèle Lamy isn’t hard to miss. As the muse and wife of designer Rick Owens, Lamy has been the fashion world’s best kept secret. Her unique style of clothing (mostly Rick Owens and RAF Simons pieces) is what makes her a stand out. Pairing streetwear with avant-garde to give off a “goth priestess” aesthetic. Since 1990, Lamy has been a working force behind many brands and people such as Rick Owens, Lamyworld, A$ap Rocky, and many more. Rocky has been quoted saying “Hardly anyone knows how important you have been behind the scenes for my career. You did not just design my album covers, you took me to art fairs and showed me the art world.” Seeing Lamy’s style for the first time had taken me aback since I first got wind of her back in ’08 when I started developing my career in fashion. She was so unique and confident — mixing menswear with women’s wear so effortlessly to make a new style of fashion. 

2. Andre Leon Talley

Former fashion editor at large at Vogue magazine, current close friend of Anna Wintour, and world renown fashion journalist Andre Leon Talley. Known for his open opinions on fashion and impeccable way of speaking and making women feel beautiful, ALT has been shifting the fashion industry since 1974. My first time connecting with ALT was via television on America’s Next Top Model where he was a judge for three cycles. As one of the few people back in the day to push designers to have more Black models in their shows, Talley always made it his mission to help advance our people in fashion — something we had very little of back in the day. For this reason, Mr. Talley will always be someone I thank because if it wasn’t for Black men like him, Black women like myself and the rest of the Glossē team wouldn’t be able to be here. 

3. Chanel 1983

The first Chanel show produced by the late Karl Lagerfeld and the collection that everyone remembers from Chanel. To this day, this collection seems to resurface in many ways in fast fashion. Prior to Lagerfeld coming to Chanel, the fashion house had a few mishaps in the design department — which made this collection all the more iconic. Pushing womenswear behind the limits of what society would allow, Coco Chanel and Lagerfeld evolved the fashion house into what we know it as today. Pantsuits, knee length skirts, shoulder pads, a-line dresses, two piece matching skirt and blazer set is what made this most recreated. Giving the modern woman a powerful yet sensual look is something Karl knew how to do perfectly. During my early 20’s, I created most of the looks during job interviews or even in everyday life to show my business woman side on a daily basis. 

5. Thierry Mugler

The love of my life, Mugler. The icon. The bar that everyone strives to meet in avant-garde fashion. Mugler is known for his bed the top, robotic, sensual, disproportionate style of designs. After leaving fashion in 2002, Mugler’s designs became untouchable and “locked in a vault”… unless your name is Beyoncé. In 2009, he worked with Queen Bey to create her costumes for her “I Am… World Tour”. After a few more quiet years, Mugler started making noise in the scene again once Cardi B wore his vintage designs to the 2019 Grammy’s and designed a new dress for Kim Kardashian. What drew ,e towards Mugler’s designs were the risqué shapes and how much they celebrated the women’s body. Making women to be other worldly, beautiful creatures in his costumes, he celebrated women’s sexuality in an artistic style that will continue to go down as a one of a kind fashion house.

5. Yeezy

Despite what the world is discussing about Kanye right now, I have to say, Yeezy came in and changed the fashion game — whether you want to admit it or not. How many people saw Yeezy season 1 come out and questioned their fashion taste? The slouching sweaters, oversized boots, intentional ripped holes in shirts, Yeezy had everyone going through a fashion frenzy but what we didn’t know was that he created the trend for all fashion houses for the next 4 years. Neutral colors, sweats paired with heels, body hugging/high waisted leggings and sweats for women. We made fun of Yeezy when it first came out because we were just exiting the era of tumblr where snapbacks was the main accessory. Over the years we came to realize that this era of “cozy” would last longer than expected and even begin to take over major fashion houses such as Rick Owens, RAF Simons, Chanel, Balenciaga; this trend also led to many dormant brands resurrecting like Champion, Fila, and Reebok. We all started dressing like 40 something year old white dads and haven’t looked back since.

6. The Met Gala

With hopes of being invited one day, I watch the Met Gala red carpet every year, as a matter of fact it’s a holiday in my house. Met Gala Monday is the time where every a-list celebrity pulls out… or is supposed to… their best haute couture looks to match the theme of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Costume Institute host a fundraising dinner. Held on the first Monday of May, the Met is home to many fashion formalities and faux pas. Until I walk those marvelous stairs to enter the event, I will join the rest of my peers in the judging room where we decide who has followed the theme this year and who let us down. The twitterverse has declared Rihanna as mother of the Met as she always is on theme and shocks the world with her red carpet look — specifically her 2016 mustard yellow Guo Pei dress. It’s fashion’s biggest single day in history. I mean, we all look forward to the Met Gala and those attending spend 6+ months preparing for it. So it’s safe to say this event will continue to be the leading fashion event for years to come. 

7. Anna Wintour

Last but not least, the woman who inspired my alias under and who inspired me to get into fashion journalism, Ms. Anna Wintour. Known as the editor in chief of Vogue, Wintour holds the titled for one of the biggest names in fashion. Her constant support for diversity and young designers has made Wintour the most respected woman in fashion. With her signature bob haircut and oversized dark sunglasses that she rarely removes, Wintour is THE reason Glossē exists now. Because her personality is so hardcore and demanding, people have speculated that Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada was supposed to be a loose adaptation of Wintour. Although those rumors were debunked, it’s still funny to watch Devil Wear Prada and imagine Miranda as Anna. Anna’s reign in Vogue has moved Vogue to be the most sought after magazine especially the September cover. While at Vogue has been a major change. From the models on the cover to the writers, Vogue has expanded on their pillar to make diversity a priority. As for Anna, I’d like to personally thank her for paving the way for other female editor in chiefs in fashion such as myself.

A$ap Rocky v. Sweden

The trial has begun for American rapper, A$AP Rocky, (legal name Rakim Mayers) who could be facing two years in prison for an alleged assault in Sweden if found guilty. Mayers has been held in custody since early July, after being charged for the incident which took place on June 30.

Details of the case concern the 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari. With a friend, he persisted Mayers and his entourage in the streets of Stockholm until an altercation broke out. The facts of how the fight started are still vague; what is clear are the videos posted on social media from Mayers showing the altercation first-hand. The videos show A$AP Rocky, with two people — including his bodyguard — pleading with Jafari for several minutes to stop following the group, until the fight ensued. Rocky’s defense lawyer commented to the press on his behalf stating, the group “didn’t want any trouble,” and “He has been harassed in the past — the bodyguard made the assessment that these people (Jafari and his friend) should move on — and not to come close.”

Swedish prosecutors for the case, want to paint an alternative narrative, by showing videos in court, also taken at the scene, exposing the group’s responsibility for starting the altercation. Prosecutor Daniel Suneson specified, “The artist is the one who threw the victim to the ground and then, together with two other suspects, dealt him blows and kicks.” They also intended to prove that there was excessive force being used by Mayers’ team for throwing a glass bottle at the alleged victim.

These videos have not surfaced yet to the public. Meaning that we can only speculate about the evidence which will play a major role for the outcome of this trial.

There are followers of A$AP Rocky who blame the issue of known systemic racism in Sweden, as reasoning for the pursuit of this harsher punishment. G-Eazy, a White American rapper first suggested this by comparing this case to his own arrest in Sweden. Posting, “The difference between me and Rocky’s treatment and process in Sweden brings to mind two concepts — white privilege and systemic racism. Let’s call it what it is.”

While in Sweden, last year, G-Eazy was arrested and charged with assault, possession of drugs, and use of narcotics. There was no video of the assault. Although, he was given a plea deal anyway by prosecutors, was released after one-and-a-half days for the crime and paid a 10k fine. Mayers has been detained for three weeks after surrendering to authorities on July 2, because he was seen as a “possible flight risk” by the judge and might try to evade punishment by leaving the country.

Another injustice raised by a petition for Rocky stated, “Upon being detained, Rocky was denied his request to counsel which is in violation of Article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, to which Sweden is a signatory.”

Those who have rallied around in support of A$AP Rocky, do so, not because of his wealthy status, but because they are aware of the nonstop over-policing of people of colour. Which when gone unnoticed can lead to serious cases of injustice.

Unfortunately, Sweden does not have a squeaky-clean reputation against racism of their Black and minority communities. “The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination” issued a report, “last year expressing concern for the rising levels of anti-Black racism in the Nordic country.” This included hate speech directed towards Afro-Swedes, with the widespread use of the “n-word” becoming more problematic. 

A$AP Rocky continues to receive massive amounts of support from his fanbase, our only hope is that he is receiving fair and equal treatment throughout this court proceeding. The trial is set to continue today, where witnesses will be expected to testify.

Testing Was Always Good, You Just Didn’t Listen To Us

With the one year anniversary of A$ap Rocky’s third studio album, Testing, approaching this week, I think it’s time we finally put some respect on it. Understandably, people need time for music to sink in and marinate with them. Hell, maybe even grow with it. But a lot of you are a year too late. Testing was always a great album, you guys just didn’t listen to us.

When we first discussed Testing, there was a lot of backlash. “This doesn’t sound like Rocky”. “This album didn’t slap”. Now, it could be because everyone was too immersed in the Drake/Pusha T/Kanye situation because Rocky dropped right in the middle of the shit. But let’s be real, this album didn’t connect with a lot of people due to the expectations that it would sound like “ALLA” and it didn’t.

The biggest issue people had with Testing was the music itself. But when it comes down to it, Rocky was doing things that weren’t traditional on purpose…and doing them well. We most recently heard how creative vocal layering could be executed on IGOR and When I Get Home. Rocky layered vocals in his own way on “Gunz N Butter” to the point where it almost seems like there’s two songs playing at the same time. And he’s matching the flow of that second song with his verses. This may have been annoying to some but it shows just how much you can do when using a sample. Also, he took us to Motown on “Brotha Man” with strings, keys and a lead melody that only appears on the right side of our headphones – a technique straight from the past. Y’all must have no soul to not appreciate this one.

I’d also like to bring up how instead of using the voicemail interlude trope we’ve all heard before he had a phone call verse on “CALLDROPS”…and did adlibs for said verse. “Changes” is a musical journey split into chapters across beat…changes. “Hun43rd” is classic Rocky — it actually sounds like it’s right off of Live Love A$ap; the old SGP trippy type of beat and layers of distorted vocals. “Black Tux, White Collar” is classic Rocky infused with dope experimentation.

So why did it take people a year to appreciate Testing? I wish I could tell you the answer but I do have an assumption. As consumers, we tend to go into our favorite artists’ new projects with a small hope that it sounds somewhat familiar. When it doesn’t, we write it off as a bad album but with Rocky his album title literally told you what this album was going to sound like — testing new sounds, testing new layers, testing new techniques.

Let’s discuss his rollout. In my opinion, this was my favorite rollout from the massive amounts of albums we got in 2018. Rocky didn’t do a typical press run — in fact, the only press he did was Desus and Mero, SNL, and of course his infamous AWGE DVD. If you paid close attention, Rocky has been using the black and yellow hazard sign “🚧”, crash test dummies, and construction site wardrobe to really give you the affect of testing. In NYC and LA, Rocky strategically placed these hazard stickers that connected to his testing app where you could hear snippets of the upcoming album. After a few months of the album being out, Rocky released his sneaker collaboration with Under Armour.

Rocky and the rest of the mob is known for dropping these dvd shorts of freestyles, behind the scenes of music videos, exclusive & unreleased videos, and just the whole mob enjoying each other’s company. Every mob fan knows, when this drops, that means Rocky is dropping or we’re getting a cozy tape. See below for our favorite one.

Now, don’t think we’re bashing you for loving the album because this isn’t it. We’re simply breaking down why it might’ve taken a lot of you to really enjoy the album… even if it was a year later. Nonetheless, welcome to the Testing Hive. Join us as we currently wait for his next album’s theme and hints that he’s dropping soon. For now, let’s stream Testing and enjoy the diverse sounds on this project.

This article was a collaboration with EIC @amaniwintour and culture writer @paullyb97

A$ap Rocky Announces His Winter Tour- The Injured Generation Tour

At last! Asap Rocky announces he will be going on tour 6 months after releasing his third studio album, Testing. 

The tour will kick off November 11 at Camp Flog Gnaw. Following that, Rocky will have 20 more shows that will officially end the tour mid-February in Miami, Fl.

Presale tickets will go on sale October 30 at 12pm.

Here’s a list of the cities you can catch The Injured Generation Tour:

  • 11/11/2018 – LA, CA
  • 12/08/2018 – NYC, NY
  • 01/08/2019 – Minneapolis, MN
  • 01/09/2019 – Chicago, IL
  • 01/11/2019 – Toronto, ON
  • 01/13/2019 – Montreal, QC
  • 01/15/2019 – Philadelphia, PA
  • 01/18/2019 – Uncasville, CT
  • 01/20/2019 – Washington, DC
  • 01/22/2019 – Greensboro, NC
  • 01/23/2019 – Duluth, GA
  • 01/25/2019 – San Antonio, TX
  • 01/26/2019 – Houston, TX
  • 01/27/2019 – Grand Prairie, TX
  • 01/30/2019 – San Diego, CA
  • 01/31/2019 – Inglewood, CA
  • 02/01/2019 – Sacramento, CA
  • 02/02/2019 – San Francisco, CA
  • 02/05/2019 – Portland, OR
  • 02/06/2019 – Kent, WA
  • 02/17/2019 – Miami, FL

BET Hip-Hop Awards: Here’s What Mattered

Let’s face it. Some things on BET are just annoying, wrong or irrelevant. But, when the Hip Hop Awards come around we at least get some good to decent musical performances and some entertaining cyphers. Here’s what went down that’s worth talking about. 


This year we got about 3 performances that were noteworthy. T.I and Yo Gotti performed together accompanied by some dancers in traditional Mexican attire. T.I. proved he could still hang despite his age and gave more energy than most of the younger artists.  We were also treated to a performance by Cardi B from Club Liv. It would appear she’s taking the Beyonce route and “sending in” performance footage instead of actually appearing. The performance was energetic however, featuring the rapper twerking on the ground which was quickly turned into a GIF by Black Twitter. We also got a performance by up and coming Brooklyn rapper Flipp Dinero in which he ran across the stage multiple times, giving some well needed energy to the stage. 

(Lil Pump, Gucci Mane, A$AP Rocky, Lil Baby, Gunna, Lil Duval, YG, Yella Beezy and Young M.A. also performed)


The cyphers this year were a mixed bag to say the least. With most viewers anticipating what Vic Mensa said about the late XXXTentacion there was not much to hold us until that happened. Each cypher had clear standouts with the others being average or worse. Clear standouts were Sharaya J, Shawn Smith, Flawless Real Talk, Neelam Hakeem, Tobe Nwigwe and YBN Cordae. Each group rapped over various versions of the “Banned From TV” instrumental, which was introduced to many (younger) listeners by Lil Wayne using it on his No Ceilings  mixtape. We also got a fun freestyle from Erykah Badu herself at the end of the second cypher. 

The Actual Awards

In the two hour runtime of the show a total of FOUR Awards that were given were televised. Yep. Probably the most surprising would have to be EVERYTHING IS LOVE winning over KOD and others for album of the year. Lil Wayne was also presented with the I Am Hip Hop Award and gave an inspiring and heartfelt speech, accompanied on stage by his mother and daughter. 

Do you still think the BET Hip Hop Awards are relevant?  

Hand Lettering With Duong Nguyen: The Next Wave To Hit The Creative Industry.

Typography might not seem like a career path that many would choose but Duong Nguyen has changed the game. You might recognize his work from your favorite artists’ cover art. From Masego, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Uzi Vert, A$ap Rocky, and Nicki Minaj. I had the pleasure of reaching Duong for a quick call while he was on the go.

Duong was just in 8th grade when he discovered his love for hand lettering when he was introduced to Instagram. Like many other creatives at a young age, Duong continued to practice his new found craft by drawing the names of people who he was- and still is currently friends with. Since he was just starting out, he didn’t have the greatest tools so he quit for awhile. Once he entered 11th grade, he was able to get the right tools for hand lettering and picked it back up. His love for drawing letters and love for music turned into his career path. With having that love for music, he began drawing the names of many of his favorite artists. “There was a guy named Y2K and Vanilla Killa who I DM’d and they liked it and I was like ‘oh wow, maybe I could do this for multiple people’. And that’s how I got to where I’m at now”, he recalls.

While he was working with Joe Perez, graphic designer and creative director, Duong got asked by Joe to work with him on the Nicki Minaj proejcts, Barbie Tingz and Chun-Li. “It was pretty quick”, he states, “not really a long process”. I decieded to ask him his opinion on the music industry using hand lettering now that it seems to be becoming a big trend. His response was quite insightful: “More people are going to go into it after seeing it pop around. Like the Barbie Tingz cover. I think people are going to start going to typographers and hand letters that can make something custom that give a resemblense to the music itself.” 

For his next few projects, Duong will be working closely with Cameron Dallas who has some new projects in the works. Duong expresses his excitement for the upcoming collaboration. Being so good at his craft, he usually does a lot of his work on the go. “I can produce a good amount of work in a short amount of time and I keep my tools on me at all times.”

Like many creatives, Duong has his hands and feet in every sector right now. We look forward to seeing more of his notable work in fashion, music, and even gaming. To keep up with Duong, checkout his Instagram!