6 R&B Singers You Need On Your Playlists

In the midst of “lil’s“ vs “OG’s” in the rap industry, the R&B industry has been filling up with many amazing and unique voices. We’ve taken some time to listen to 6 of these new singers and what we found blew us away so here’s some people we think you need to be playing this fall.


Self-taught musician and Jamaican born singer/songwriter, Masego made his debut in the music industry in 2016 with the release of his EP titled, The Pink Polo EP. In 2017, Masego released his hit single ”Tadow” that defines the feeling of love. With his smooth rhythms and angelic vocals, Masego is definitely the one artist you want on your playlist to give you that elegant, neo-soul, ”you kids don’t know anything about this” feeling. This year, Masego dropped his album ”Lady Lady” with hit singles ”Lady Lady” and ”Old Age”. (@masego)

Jade Novah

Jade has been in the game for a while, in fact, longer than you think. Back in 2003, Jade sang backup on Missy Elliot’s album ”Not A Test!” and has been a vocalist and songwriter for multiple artists. Early 2018, Jade released her debut album ”All Blue” with singles such as ”The Earth Is Flat” and ”Cosmic Love”. (@jadenovah)


Grammy nominated singer/songwriter JoiStarr has emerged in the music industry as the soulful artist who uses her craft to tell her story. Her latest project “Cocoa Butter” tells a story about being in a dark place and emerging from that hidden space and coming into yourself – while being in the midst of healing yourself.

Rayana Jay

24 year old, Rayana Jay emerged in the music industry as the soul singer with transparent and honest lyrics about love and sex. Rayana Jay released her project “Sorry About Last Night” with hit singles such as “Too Good” and “Bad Decisions” that features the very talented “Elujay”. Her single “Undefeated” was used recently in the musical campaign “#NoCeilings” by Undefeated ESPN. (@rayanajay) 


Mid February, artist and songwriter V released his EP “Start Vol. 1”. Now, we don’t know much about V since he keeps a very low profile but we know he is a voice you need to be blasting on a Sunday morning while you clean and sage your apartment. The four tracked project shows off V’s vocals and love for heavy bass beats. (@ve.music)


Hailing from the Bay Area, Elujay is a perfect mix of hip hop and smooth soul music. After dropping his first project, Jentrify in 2016, Elujay has released a number of singles, including the single “Soul Food” featuring Saba. His latest single, ”Locked In” shows off Elujay’s versatility with an upbeat, 70’s vibe. (@elujay)