Spiritual Awakening With Emilia Ortiz

2018 was the year of spiritual consciousness but it was truly hard to find and connect with someone who would genuinely guide you there and teach you. Using your googles wasn’t much help because it only led you to a lot of soft artificial bullshit. And therapy. Therapy is simply expensive as fuck. You ever find yourself going through a rough time with a spouse AND your mental health? Then found yourself tweeting through it, or even googling through it looking for answers? Then you end up on Instagram looking for the perfect meme to post on your story. One stressful ass night last year, I found myself doing exactly that and surely came across one of the best gems IG has to offer.

Emilia Ortiz aka @ETheReal1. A Brooklyn-based mami and having no tolerance for the bullshit; exactly what we, the people need. A spiritual advisor who is not only an advocate for self care, spiritual wellness and all in between but mental health. She’s all about protecting your energy but also putting the work in for yourself… with absolutely NO sugar coating. 

As I sat on the line and began speaking with her, you immediately feel the calmness and the vibrations of how grounded she is. They literally soaked right into me and cooled me right off because lets be honest, I, myself have never spoken to a spiritual adviser, yet alone someones who’s confidence, love and support you can instantly feel through the phone; and in her voice, she was present. She was there and fully aware. It instantly turned into a Friday night after school, talking big shit to your homegirl on the house phone; but I decided to take this conversation on a more intimate route.

So I told her, “Let’s talk mental health battles in a relationship. We seem to find ourselves talking about mental health and our own personal battles or someone else close to us but we never really touch on when you, yourself are dealing with your issues and so is your partner.” 

What are the biggest complications when you both are struggling with anxiety and/or depression?

One of the biggest complications is that at some point or another, there will be a point in the relationship where, one of you need or rather both of you will need each others support but you will not be at a place to give it to them. Your depression and/or anxiety is at peak but so is your partners.

Do you feel as though those relationships are any different than with those who don’t battle wit mental health?

Yes and no, I say this because anyone can experience anxiety or depression at some point, they just might not have an on going battle with it. That can come up in your relationship kind of thing even if you don’t have an on going battle with it. I say no, because there is a certain understanding that goes along with it, when it turns into this long term thing. It can be something you become accustomed to. Sometimes anxiety or depression can come up at the most inconvenient times in a relationship. Y’all can be having a perfectly grand ole time and then somehow something happens and it sucks. And not that is requires more understanding than the average relationship, but it does require a certain kind of empathy and understanding

Do you believe in people abusing their mental health?

I think everyone is capable of abusing anything. Mental health is complicated though because many people are compelled to do unhealthy things. Due to chemical imbalances, trauma etc. Sometimes someone isn’t really in a state where they can make the best decisions. It’s hard to say.  It’s abuse though and so much can somewhat be out of someone’s hands, if not treated properly.

What advice would you give to two people who want to be in a healthy relationship but are anxious because their parter also suffers from battles? Do you find that similarity helpful or even comforting?

What I find is most helpful for couples who both have a mental health battle is to be mindful of that because we all get in our heads and we think “oh its gonna be great, we are going to understand each other, we are going to be able to be there for each other through every little thing in ways that nobody else can cause they don’t get it and don’t go through it” – and though thats true, there’s a point when they’re both sick and they need to be precedent and unfortunately you can’t ask that of your partner when you both are in that position. It’s unrealistic. Neither of you wouldn’t have it to give to each other, which can sometimes cause resentment in the relationship and frustration” 

So, feeding off of that question. How should we go about dual episodes? (both falling into an episode at the same time.)

So, what I try to remind people who are in those kind of relationships; is that you need to remember shit happens and it’s okay and it doesn’t mean you can’t work through it. What is does mean is that you are going to have to have a support system outside of each other when that time does come. You can’t solely depend on your partner or that understanding because there will come a point where things are going to HAVE to take precedence at the same time.” 

How would you build the wall between being transparent with your partner but not overly dependent?

It’s hard but its possible. It’s okay to have a therapist or spiritual adviser: whatever your comfortable with. Somebody outside of your actual relationship; not just friendships, romance, or family but OUTSIDE of all of your relationships because you need that. Someone to talk to, to keep a balance. You have to recognize wha’ts healthy and what’s fair to your partner. Not to just drop your load of shit on them all the time and every time. Make sure you aren’t just dumping on them. When properly doing so, you now might be talking to different people before you even get to them. You have to have a bigger team besides just your partner. Distribute more freely.

In the mist of our whole entire girl talk, there were so many gems, so much advice and so many realizations in how we all operate today. Why we are the way we are and how much work; whether you have a battle or not that we need to do. To become better lovers, communicates and realizing what EMPATHY truly is. Emilia made so many valid and strong points, but one thing I believe we both can agree on is that, there is no easy way in the aspect of love, relationships and LIFE in general. There’s different variations of mental health. Your mind and your body operate differently from each other and so many things throughout your life play a part in that. From genetically, life experiences and even your environment. A lot of us operate differently from the standard in this world and we must take that extra time to learn ourselves and operate in a world that was not designed for us.

It’s so important to acknowledge that we are capable of finding new ways to grow. We must do the work no mater how tiring it is, but also remembering that it’s a journey and there is no finish line so you can take as many breaks as you’d like. We must learn to fully be accountable and taking responsibility in the role of our own life. Standing up to yourself, for yourself. We constantly stick to institutionalizing our mind in the box of mental health and start creating these walls that are only holding us back and causing more damage taping us in the box instead of actually creating boundaries that are to protecting us and our loved ones. Take in from this interview; is that we all deserve and are all CAPABLE of love weather you have a battle or not, it’s all in “Are you willing to do the work to be healthy for ourself and your partner?

You truly learn something new everyday because I learned to change the verbiage surrounding the many titles mental health holds. I found myself altering to Mental Health Battles instead of Issues. 

Interview conducted by Donna Davis, author and writer.


Getting Cozy At The Fourtress

Photo Credit: @VisualSavage

Moving can be a load of stress, especially straight after college. The Fourtress is a blog community composed by four NYC roommates. Tierra, Candice, London and Kiara have a pretty interesting story as to how they all met and wound up in the Big Apple.

Lauren Lacey: So, were you all friends before becoming roommates? How did you all meet?

The Fourtress: No actually! So Tierra and Candice are best friends and grads from Syracuse University. Tiara, born and raised in Vegas, knew Kiara during her teens being that Kiara is from the same hometown. Kiara later on went to Hampton University, where she met London, and somehow after graduating everyone ended up in NYC. After finding out that everyone was undergoing the apartment search at the same time (and happening on the perfect place equipped for four people as opposed to two), we all ended up becoming roommates. We actually have a post that explains it perfectly….because it’s a lot!

While the group met during a pretty disquieting time in their lives, the idea of starting a blog came about for other reasons.

LL: How did the idea of The Fourtress come about? What made you start it?

TF: Funny enough we were sitting on the couch one weekend (wine in hand), and just started talking about influencers, black women, our growth and the social media space as a whole – the end result was deciding to dive head first into creating a social space created for women of color, by women of color, that would not only highlight our journey, but also encourage others to join with us. It was born out pure spontaneity, dope black women…and wine, you cannot discount the wine.

As a group of millennial professionals, it was easy to decipher who would be contributing what, as they all work in social media/communications.

Tierra Taylor @tierrajtaylor

A Sin City Native — Tierra received her Bachelors of Science degree from Syracuse University and currently works as a Social Media Designer at Chase. A lover of matcha and entertainment, she’s also the Creative Director of the Fourtress and brings the group’s ideas to fruition. She makes graphics pop, is the queen of editing, creates shot lists, and is responsible for the look and design of The Fourtress as a whole.

Candice Elle Frank @candiceefrank

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA — Candice graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Television Production and currently works as the Social Media Coordinator for ABC’s daytime talk show, “The View.” She loves music, dancing, traveling, and anything Beyonce! She’s Caption Queen, aka Content Director, and is behind the tone you see on The Fourtress. She manages all content, gives direction for the blog’s Instagram stories, and edits video material.

London Coleman-Williams @londonjhane

Helming from the Mile High City — London graduated from Hampton University with B.A. in Strategic Communications and currently works an Associate Digital Strategist for a variety of lifestyle brands in the beauty and fashion space. She’s a lover of quotes, finds happiness in interior design and believes a good heel is always the answer. She’s The Fourtress’s PR Director and handles everything from general outreach and incoming inquiries, to creative pitch angles and partnerships.

Kiara Bass @itskbass

Originally from Las Vegas, NV — Kiara works as a Fashion Publicist for contemporary brands in NYC. She’s an avid listener of podcasts and enjoys reading up on social and tech trends. Kiara is also a alumna of Hampton University where she studied public relations and sociology. For the Fourtress, she serves as our Account Director, handling everything from agendas to time management in an effort to keep the team on track.

LL: Collectively, what is it that you hope to accomplish with The Fourtress brand? What has been achieved so far?

TF: There are very few outlets that showcase the growth and self-love of black women; we hope to accomplish that. We encourage women of color to bask in their melanin and fall in love with their journey. Our mission, Through the journey of four roommates, The Fourtress is a specially curated space that inspires, empowers, and unifies women of color to fulfill their purpose and stand in their power, is still our vision and we strive to capture that journey and all of its beauty.

One of our biggest accomplishments would have to be being active amongst our community. Serving others is all a part of the glow up, there is no glow if you aren’t uplifting others throughout the process. As a whole, we knew we wanted to give back, and of course, we know we wanted to help women, so we came up with #ProjectQueenV, which allowed us to packed 100 packages of feminine products for women experiencing homeless.

Even with common interests and hobbies, there is still the chance to become a little afflicted, living in the city that never sleeps. We were interested in learning on how the feisty four kept things harmonious over at The Fourtress.

LL: Living in NYC can be stressful within itself. How do you ladies balance work, school, friendship, the business, and everything else-under one roof?

TF: This is probably one of the two questions we get asked most – next to, “What do you have planned next?” The fact that The Fourtress is a passion project, birthed out of wanting to curate a space of all of the things we love, makes balancing the workload so much easier. We’re big advocates of the mantra, “Make your passion your paycheck,” and are doing our best to get there. We meet weekly, twice a week when we are working on a big project or collaboration, and we also dedicate our weekends to photoshoots. Our photographer,  Brennan Savage (@visualsavage), is always a part of the process (major praise to him). Then on the day-to-day, we are always engaging and trying to grow our platform. If you follow us, you’ll see daily news tips from our #FourtressFour, catchy captions from Candice, and of course, stunning graphic work from Tierra.

Rooming, growing, and being in business together with friends is probably a dream many have, but only few are able to execute, gracefully. These four women have inspired many others on their online community through tips, motivation, and openness.

When asked what it is that they ultimately hope to take from the experience of living together and starting a business, the group had this to say:

“Our friendship! Beyond creating a business, these women have made it possible to live in NYC and seamlessly execute a brand that is nothing less than #BlackGirlMagic. Beyond the meetings, the events, the photo shoots, etc…there’s friendship, and we are so grateful for that.”

Continue to get cozy with the girls over at The Fourtress on Instagram here.

Photo Credit: @VisualSavage

Lindsay Peoples Wagner, New Editor- In- Chief Of Teen Vogue

Lindsay Peoples Wagner, currently the fashion editor at New York Magazine and The Cut, will take the reins at Teen Vogue on October 18. In her new role, Peoples Wagner will oversee digital, social, video and events including the Teen Vogue Summit.

Wagner, a Buena Vista University grad, was an intern and assistant at Teen Vogue. “Lindsay is a gifted talent who can equally inspire and challenge her audiences,” said Anna Wintour, artistic director of Conde Nast publishing company and editor in chief of Vogue, in a statement. “She brings a sophistication and fresh perspective to the cultural moments and social themes that activate our Teen Vogue readers and we are very excited to have her back at Conde Nast.”

Even though she was journalism major in college, a career in fashion grew on her gradually.

“Since I was young I was very interested in fashion,” she said. “I spent a lot of time with my grandmother and she took me to a senior citizens center every single day and we would sew, crochet and knit so I just really naturally fell into it that way. I don’t think it was until I got to college that I thought I could make it into a career.”

The Millennial Maven: Fatou Barry, Founder of PR Girl Manifesto

Born in Guinea and raised in NYC, Fatou is a PR professional, strategist and visual marketer. She has worked with brands like Mark Ecko, Rocawear and many more. A millennial maven and entrepreneur, an early affinity for strategic thinking came to Fatou early. “I’ve always been good at it, but never knew it was something people could do professionally,” she explained.

That changed around 2007, when a friend of hers was cast in the Disney Channel original movie, “Camp Rock.”  The catch was this friend is from Canada and didn’t have a Hollywood team behind him like the rest of the cast. His mom, and manager at the time, recruited Fatou to help on the team. It was her first experience in public relations and gave her a taste of what PR and branding is.

As a result, Fatou spent several years behind the scenes of tours and concerts before she was 18 years old. In college, at the University of Buffalo, she learned more about digital marketing and interactive media. Since then, she has enjoyed standing at the intersection of strategy and creation and has forged her own path.

Now, Fatou is the founder of PR Girl Manifesto and co-founder of AB Media Group. PRGM is a niche digital community of communication professionals and offers concentrated services. In contrast, ABMG operates as an agency and specializes in brand design, digital marketing and event activation. “I’m just like every other millennial entrepreneur: trying to get everything done in a day,” she said.

In an industry that relies heavily on goal-setting, Fatou has many plans for the rest of 2018. She’s taken some time to restructure what PRGM does and is excited for the coming months. “We’ll be more aggressive in programming,” said Fatou, a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. “We love to provide experiences for our tribe so we’re going to do more at the collegiate level, more takeovers and Q&As. We’ll also be focusing on people who want to go into communications in general.”

Working with people from varying industries means that no two days are ever alike. That’s part of what Fatou loves about her job: seeing what everyone brings to the table. “Everyone has a different ‘why’ and I love honing on what that is,” said Fatou, who is a natural storyteller. “I love just working with people and clients in different industries. They give you a taste of different industries.”

To say Fatou is busy is a massive understatement. She’s so busy, in fact, that sometimes Fatou has to remember when to ‘turn off’ the boss mentality. “We’re all human beings first and I think sometimes it’s hard for people to remember that,” said Fatou. “Sometimes, it’s hard for me to take care of business and take care of myself, too.”

Despite challenges, Fatou finds comfort in the little things. “What helps me is reminding myself that I’m human and to be gentle with myself,” she said. She also sticks with an inspiring community, which makes a lot of sense given the nature of PRGM and ABMG. “My business partner (of ABMG) is one of my good friends and seeing her drive inspires me. I have to make sure I’m in spaces where people are inspiring me. I come from a small, West African family and girls who look like me, don’t do what I do. So, I use that as inspiration to do and be the best I can.”

All in all, we love the work Fatou has done and the community that she has created. In the spirit of community, she gave some advice for those looking to break into the industry. “Just do the work and throw yourself into the industry. It’s hard to pinpoint what PR looks like sometimes; it’s really easy to fake it, but don’t. Be committed to learning and building a strong foundation. You can always learn more and that will propel you.”

3 Things You Need To Know About A$ap Rocky’s Under Armour Collaboration

 The Structure 

By looking at the shoe, you might think it’s a  ‘90’s chunky, skater shoe. But in his interview with HighSnobiety, Rocky clarifies that that was the inspiration. He wanted a skater/rave shoe. For us rave goers, you know how difficult it is to find a comfortable shoe that doesn’t uphold to the rave life. This shoe does exactly that. The SRLo is made  up of different materials, has an extra chunky midsole, and a thick tongue that is branded by Awge.

The Inspiration 

While making this shoe, Rocky worked closely with Davey Mayhew, known legendary skater, who was the designer for Osiris D3. If you were a skater from the hood, then you know exactly how iconic this mash up was.

Skate Rave

Now, many people in the sake community aren’t too happy with this new term Rocky has coined for the direction of his shoe but after doing some deep research on the skater life and rave life, it makes sense, right? So, skate rave. Just as it states, skaters & ravers coming together. From the thick exterior and thick soles, it’s basically everything a skater and rave goer could ask for.

We’re actually excited to see more of Rocky’s take on the skater life. Since Testing, he seems to be playing with this theme so let’s see what else the rapper has in store for us.

Pushing For More (Accurate) Representation in Media

In 2018, it’s no secret that representation in media is important for all people. Proper media representation means that children of all shades, size, shapes and sexual orientations can see all the opportunities available to them. It means they won’t grow up thinking that they should look, speak or act a certain way to be successful.

However, representation can only mean these things when it is rooted in speaking the truth for everyone, not just a few. While it is a huge accomplishment to get POC, trans or disabled characters on screen, it’s not necessarily enough. The characters have to be as multi-dimensional and complex as the real people they are meant to represent.

Since 2017, Netflix has released a campaign called, “First Time I Saw Me.” In multiple, short online videos, Netflix representatives sat down with actors and directors of all races, genders, sexual orientations, shapes and sizes to ask them when they first saw themselves in an on-screen character. Netflix sat down with Black Girl Nerds; directors like Ava Duvernay and Spike Lee; and stars of Netflix originals like “Dear White People” and “Orange Is the New Black.” This June, the streaming service also created a YouTube playlist in collaboration with GLAAD for trans voices in honor of Pride month.

For actresses Selenis Leyva and Logan Browning, they saw themselves in Lauren Vélez’ character on “New York Undercover” and the Mowry twins on “Sister, Sister,” respectively. Comedian Marlon Wayans said he saw himself in his older brothers and Eddie Murphy. Early representation for them was crucial and made a difference.

However, this isn’t the case for everyone. In one video, Duvernay explains that although several characters from “The Cosby Show” were the same hue as her, she couldn’t relate to them because her parents weren’t a doctor and lawyer. Several of the trans people, including Jamie Clayton of “Sense8,” noted that they didn’t see themselves in on-screen characters, even the ones meant to represent them.

Proper representation in media is not just what characters look like. It’s more than that. Representation encompasses where they are from, how they think, what culture or subcultures they participate in. It’s about the entire characterization being presented. It’s important to have characters who are diverse in outward appearance, thought, action, etc.

Personally, the first time I saw me represented in media was Raven Baxter from “That’s So Raven.” I related to Raven for more than just her skin complexion. I appreciated the way her character was written and how she interacted with her family and best friends. For the first time, I saw a character that I actually wanted to be like. At seven years old, I didn’t realize how rare that feeling would be.

My freshman year of college, I began watching “A Different World” and found two characters that I love and relate to: Whitley Gilbert & Winifred “Freddie” Brooks. Now, I didn’t grow up watching “The Cosby Show” so I had no way of knowing about this spin-off. However, I gave it a try and was instantly hooked.

I identify with both Freddie and Whitley for a few reasons. For one, I have a big curly afro like Freddie and a part of me loves the activist in her. She’s literally always down for the cause. Whitley, as spoiled and bougie as she may be, wanted nothing but to work hard and be her own person. Okay, she really wanted a husband but that isn’t the point. The point is I identified with Freddie’s optimism and Whitley’s work ethic, even when they both did things I disagreed with. I don’t look exactly like either one, but that’s what real representation does. It goes deeper than the surface.

Today, there are shows like “Blackish,” “Fresh Off The Boat,” “Orange Is The New Black” and so many others that are taking steps toward diversity in its many forms, but there is still a lot of work to be done. It’s not enough to feature characters of color who are also LGBT+. Their storylines have to be about more than just the color of their skin or who they love.

No show on TV is a perfect representation of any group of people. From shows like “Empire” and they fit into a much bigger problem, to the ongoing need for representation of LGBT characters who aren’t white men, there is still a lot of work to do. The point isn’t that a character that represents an entire group of people. That leans toward impossible. The ultimate goal is to create a multitude of diverse, complex characters, so that everyone has someone they can relate to.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-76RIIUuOwM(Black Girl Nerds)



https://theblackdetour.com/stereotypes-black-people-media/(Representation of Black characters)

https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/ne3kdk/lgbtq-representation-on-tv-still-sucks(LGBT representation)

3 Things You Should Know About Finance As A Millennial

Was I the only one who learned how to balance a checkbook in elementary school? Most likely. Do I remember any of that information today? NO. As with a majority of things in school, people will often say “When am I going to use this in real life?” or the direct approach “I won’t need this information after I graduate”. When it comes to a person pursuing a career in the chemistry field, it’s not exactly beneficial for them to memorize the events that take place in each part of The Canterbury Tales. But yet, they need to pass that class to graduate. Things like ensuring financial stability should be mandatory classes for those in 11th and 12th grade who will be soon in the real world one way or another. And, with the knowledge gained from these classes students will feel confident about their financial futures. Now being that we all aren’t business or accounting majors we have to learn about these things on our own. Top priority subjects in the finance world include Credit Scores, Investments/Savings/401ks and Stocks and Loans. Let’s look into each one and educate ourselves!

Credit Scores

What is a credit score exactly? We’ve all see the commercials and ads for how easy it is to check it but what do you know what it’s purpose is? Investopedia.com defines it as “A statistical number that evaluates a consumer’s creditworthiness and is based on credit history.” Basically, this means your credit score determines how trustworthy you are when it comes to repaying a loan. Naturally, a higher score means a higher trustworthiness level. Lenders look at this number and use it to determine if you will be approved or denied for the loan. To keep the score high all you have to do is consistently pay bills on time and keep your debt low. Investopedia.com also says “A person’s credit score may also determine the size of an initial deposit required to obtain a cell phone, cable service or utilities, or to rent an apartment.” Majority of people need all of these things once they’re on their own and thus places the importance of knowing what your score is and how to manage it before it’s importance is mandatory to your life.


When it comes to investments, one has to think of the long term – not the present. Investing in something guarantees you will have money in the future because whatever invested in will have gained a profit/risen in value. You can invest in something in several different ways: You can buy collectible items such as trading cards or POP figures and wait 15-20 years for them all to accumulate in value and then sell your entire collection for one price. Or, you can buy multiple cases of water in the winter and wait for the summer and sell them on the street and make a guarantee profit based on demand. The latter is generally known as “flipping”. Also, you can invest in someone’s business by buying a stake of their company. A stake is a percentage of the company that you own and in turn make a profit based on the percentage size of your stake. However, if the business does not do well you will end up losing money.

Saving money is something we all are familiar with and told to do. It can be very hard when there are so many things that you want right now though. But, when you save money you can get things you want that cost more – like a vacation. And, saving money is not always strictly putting money aside for the future. It can be using discounts, coupons or simply not eating out too much.. Of course, putting money to the side in a savings account is always a wise choice, especially when you do it consistently. This can be done by putting some of your paycheck into that account every other paycheck or even every paycheck. When it comes to cash and coins, instead of saying “keep the change”, pocket the bills and start putting the coins in a jar. This may seem old fashioned but at the end of the year who knows how much you’ll have?

A 401 K Plan is something you hear adults mention and joke about as a child but never understand. As you get older you still hear it regularly and see it when applying for jobs. But what is it exactly? Investopedia.com defines it as “a qualified employer-sponsored retirement plan that eligible employees may make salary-deferral contributions to on a post-tax and/or pre tax basis.” This basically means you are saving money for your retirement and this money comes directly out your paycheck each time.no, you have no access to this money until you are actually retired. Also, as with most things involving money taxes do play a role. Originally taxes would not be taken out when deposits were made into the plan, only when withdrawals were made from it. However in 2006 the Roth 401k was established which reversed when the taxes were taken out. This version of the plan is available for eligible participants at over half of the companies that offer a 401K Plan. 401K Plans are just like investing and saving – to truly appreciate them you must thing in the long term. Retirement is a long way away for us but we still must keep it in mind. The 401K will ensure when we’re grandparents we won’t have our family members worrying about our finances and we the option to give our grandkids $50 instead of $5 when they get all A’s.

Stocks & Loans

If you’ve listened to rap at any point  in the past 15 years you’ve more than likely heard a punchline that mentions something “dropping like the NASDAQ” And, more than likely when you first heard it you didn’t understand it then once you did you began to get tired of it. Anyway, NASDAQ itself stands for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations and it’s literally the stock market itself – well one of them. It’s the second largest one in the world trailing the New York Stock Exchange. A stock is defined as  “a type of security that signifies ownership in a corporation and represents a claim on part of the corporation’s assets and earnings.” by investopedia.com. Stocks can be either common or preferred. When you hold common stock you can vote in shareholders meetings and receive dividends. Preferred common stockholders do not vote in these meetings however they earn more of a profit. They also hold priority in the unfortunate case of a company going bankrupt. Actually buying stock is a multi-step process and not one of those “walk away and forget about it and just let the money pile up” things simply because you can also lose money in the Stock Market.You can learn about the process here

If you’re a student or have ever purchased a big ticket item than you are already familiar with loans. Loans are amounts of money given to you because you need the money – and they must be paid back. On the surface level, loans sound great because you spend less of your own money at the beginning. However, as interest adds up you’ll end up paying more and more. The percent of interest however depends on where you get the loan. Taking out multiple loans at once is not encouraged either as this is how you can end up in debt which will affect your credit score which is what we began this whole discussion with. Looks like we’ve come full circle!

In closing, I hope these quick facts taught you something or encouraged you to do more research on the topics I mentioned. As I said earlier, such information should be mandatory to learn while in high school in turn allowing college courses can enhance it. And, while in college or even as you reach the end of high school these concepts will soon become a part of your life both inside and outside the classroom. Some of us get this information from our families or members of our church and some don’t at all. The latter is why it’s so important to have it taught to students in high school.