The culturally influenced NiuNiu Chou show was nothing short of bold colors and patterns that graced the runway. The cultural and ethical influenced were mixed with the contemporary styles of pop art. The two mixed created beautiful silhouettes for the gender-less collection that married male and female designs so seamlessly.

Not only did this show pack a powerful punch with the colors and statement it wanted to make, one of the people I most admired when I first started my fashion journey walked the runway, Miss Jay Alexander. Wearing a futuristic and cultural makeup look, Miss Jay walked in recycled fabrics with multiple layers flowing with his elegant walk.

My first show with NiuNiu Chou definitely showed me the other side of fashion – the side of fashion that still remembers the fashion is a huge part of culture outside of America. Textiles, patterns, layers, the way pieces are cut, all of these factors are still very important despite what fast fashion has taught us in the past years. Chou has shown that the direction of sustainability and meaningful fashion is just around the corner.