#NewMusicFriday: What You Need To Hear

After we got an abundance of musical blessings last week it looks like the rain isn’t stopping any time soon. Let’s get into it.

Escape From New York – Beast Coast


Albums from groups are in a league all their own. However this project is from a SUPERGROUP, consisting of groups The Underachievers, Flatbush Zombies, and Pro Era for a total of 10 artists. These guys were essentially the soundtrack to my high school career with their solo work so to see them all come together for a full project is a nostalgic dream becoming reality. Before we were all invested in astrology and stones Beast Coast was already telling us to keep our third eye open. Being able to go between conscious rap, mellowed out vibes, hype or straight up gritty tracks is a tough feat but for these guys its simply in their nature to be masters of all of them.

Apollo XXI – Steve Lacy


Steve is the coolest guitarist/singer on the planet. After producing on the Grammy nominated Ego Death before graduating High School and expanding his production resume with credits on projects by Kali Uchis, Ravyn Lenae and of course The Internet themselves it’s safe to say he had a big couple of years. Now we finally get his his debut solo album following his EP like project Steve Lacy’s Demo from 2017. Worth the wait? Absolutely.

Flying Lotus – Flamagra


Some of y’all may not recognize this name. But, you’ll be very familiar once you finish listening. Flying Lotus is a producer but his music goes far beyond a melody and some drums. This project is 27 tracks long KEEP READING and features Anderson .Paak, Solange, Denzel Curry, Tierra Whack and more. There’s a healthy dose of instrumental tracks as well. If you don’t find something up here you like I don’t know what to tell you.

4 Real 4 Real – YG


With a rollout that’s gained mixed reactions YG is here with his latest album. Keeping to his West Coast roots he’s looking to redeem himself after his last project which was not well received by multiple fans. Will he be successful?

All these albums are available on streaming services now!


DJ Khaled Brings Heavy Hitters to the SNL Season Finale

The black people in charge of musical guest booking at SNL really held it down for us this season y’all. We got Travis Scott, Ella Mai, Anderson .Paak, and more of our favorites this time around. But for the season finale last night we got an onslaught of big names all on one episode. DJ Khaled was the official guest but we all know he had to bring at least two artists with him… he brought EIGHT. They included Lil Wayne, J Balvin, Meek Mill, SZA, John Legend, Big Sean, Jeremih and Lil Baby.

The first song performed was “Jealous” with Wayne and Big Sean there live to do their respective verses with Chris Brown’s hook on the backing track. Next, “You Stay” was performed with Jeremih, Meek Mill, Lil Baby and J Balvin all present to contribute their parts live. There was nothing special about the performances themselves as the x-shaped stage had some smoke and that’s as far as it goes for theatrics. But, if you like either of these songs than you’ll probably enjoy the performances. Peep them below!

The second set of performances were miles above the first. SZA began them posted on a live piano belting out her vocals from “Just Us”. This gave way to “Weather The Storm” in which Meek did his verse. Then, in a truly beautiful moment, the piano rotated to reveal John Legend playing it while singing his hook from “Higher”. In the background, practically watching over the stage during this moment was neon blue drawing of Nipsey himself as well. Then to close out, all of the nights musical guests came on stage and stood together in tribute. Check it out below.


Videos courtesy of YouTube. 

Jhene’s New Freestyle

Just when I said I didn’t want to be in my feelings, my fellow Piscean sister released her latest freestyle Triggered. Now I won’t say this is about Big Sean but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is following their public break up. Just last month Big Sean went to his Instagram to thank everyone for his birthday wishes and confess he’s been trying to get over a toxic relationship.

But back to the real reason we’re here. We know Jhene is a master at creating sounds that provide healing and comfort. This freestyle was no different. With her melodic sounds and soft voice, she gives us a look into what has been going through her mind and what’s been going on in her life recently.

Don’t know what I’m capable of
Might fuck around and go crazy on cuz
Might fuck around, have to pay me in blood
This ain’t the way that you want it
Might catch a case in this bitch
Don’t let me catch you face-to-face in this bitch
Tryin’ my hardest not to disrespect you
After what you did, man, what you expected?
You muhfucker

Watch the full video below and tell us what you think!

#NewMusicFriday: WHat You Need to Hear

The “H” is capitalized on purpose. (If you know you know) I know it’s been a MINUTE but I’m back to give y’all what y’all need to hear today. We got multiple releases across a variety of styles this time around so there has to be something in this list you like. If not…

Too Many Gods – A$AP Rocky X Joey Bada$$


I’m aware there are multiple artists on this album. But that Weeknd, SZA and Travis was meh to me. This right here tho? Definitely fire. Ominous production with just enough bounce that you can still nod your head to it. Joey and Rocky both get a verse with Joey on hook duty. The “gods” theme runs throughout the brief track as they both discuss the trials that come with such a status and all the facets that come with it. And for the longtime Rocky listeners, there’s even a pitched down “Uh” tucked in at the very end of the track.

P.S. The Chloe X Halle track “Wolf at Your Door” is also worth peeping as their vocals glide all over the production effortlessly. And it just sounds BEAUTIFUL.

The Last Party – Matt Martians


If you know The Internet you know Matt Martians. If you know The Jet Age of Tomorrow you really know Matt Martians. Matt’s music is a salad bowl of soul, funk, hip hop with a drizzle of raspberry vinaigrette of space. As in the galaxy. This is his sophomore solo album after saying he would never make another one on his debut. This one is special as production comes from a variety of people including Matt himself, his fellow band mates and others yet they all captured his signature sound. If you like The Internet and are ready to get a similar vibe but one from another planet this is the one for you.

CrasH Talk – ScHoolboy Q


This is why I capitalized the “H” in the title today. ScHoolboy Q is back after taking a hiatus to deal with personal issues. “Numb Numb Juice” let us all know he was back with the rawness we love while CHopstix…was CHopstix. This album finds him in usual bag of eerie bangers with a sprinkle of slower paced tracks in the mix as well. Out of all the releases today this one has the most energy and if that’s what you want you’ll find it here.

All of these are available on streaming platforms now!


6LACK Brings East Atlanta to Hollywood on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Now, I don’t know about ya’ll but 80% of the artists that perform on late night shows are ones I am not familiar with. But, when there is one that I know and love, I’m sure to watch. Most recently NoName along with Saba and Smino killed it on The Tonight Show and Black Thought with a cut from his EP did too. But, Tuesday night across the country in Hollywood on Jimmy Kimmel Live it was 6LACK’s time to shine.

As expected, 6LACK delivered not just a performance but an experience. Drenched in white from head to toe against the dark moody lighting he stood out easily. The performance also featured a female dancer, park bench and side view of a bus. The band members could be seen “sitting” on the train along with passengers who all had on headphones. 6LACK and the woman went from sitting on the bench together to sitting on the train together as he rapped soulfully. By the song’s conclusion he was sitting on the bench while she sat on the train as the reflection in the window made it appear that he was sitting on the train. Truly a unique yet intimate performance from the East Atlanta native.

Watch the performance below!

Who Run The World?: Grammys 2019 Performers Revealed

Women ran 2018. Whether it be Music, TV, Movies or even Politics they made their presence known in 2018. And, at the top of 2019 the hustle continues. As with every year the nominees for Grammys have been a hot topic within every part of the music world. The performances get equally as much buzz but this year we have multiple women who have been nominated and who will also be performing.

At the top of the performance list we have arguably the most popular woman of 2018 Cardi B. Catapulting herself into the music world with 5 nominations and staying true to herself through it all it’s safe to say her performance will be one not to miss. We also have Janelle Monae who’s got two nominations this year and has been in the game for a minute but has finally gained the full attention of the masses she’s long deserved with multiple acting roles as well as one of the best albums of 2018. If you’ve seen her perform before you already know what’s going down and if you haven’t do yourself a favor and get familiar.

We’ve also got performances from Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes and more who can be seen live when the show airs. Oh also…the original Superwoman herself Alicia Keys is hosting so you already know the wardrobe changes will be on point and hopefully the script/jokes they give her will be too.

The Grammys will air February 10th at 8pm ET on CBS.

Ariana Grande’s New Single “7 Rings” Just Dropped

『七つの指輪』 or “7 Rings” is Ariana Grande’s newest single that dropped at midnight on Friday, January 18. The music video features Ariana and her friends blinged-out, dressed in pink and pouring champagne with Japanese writing and props sprinkled in. She sings (and raps) to a tune reminiscent of the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein song, “My Favorite Things” from the musical, “The Sound of Music”.

“I see it/I like it/I want it/I got it”––Ariana sings about getting anything and everything she wants, not only for herself, but for “six of [her] bitches” too. She’s been posting pictures and videos on Instagram and Twitter of her and the six friends she bought rings with, which was what inspired the song.


In December, Ariana Grande tweeted about where the idea for the song came from.


The song has a different sound than Ariana Grande’s other tracks, and you can check out『七つの指輪』on iTunes, Spotify and Youtube.

How The Blog Era Shaped Hip Hop

Before streaming services we had to use the internet in a different way to discover new artists. Nowadays we can just go to the Related Artists tab and let the algorithm do its job. Or, we just let our phone hear a song and then let it tell us all about it. But before all these advancements we had relied on Blogs to put us on to what’s new. This gave localized artists a platform to reach the world and allowed mutuals to connect via their appreciation for an artist.

Benefits of the Repost

Paying for reposts is something that people either agree with or disagree with. The fact is they are a great way to get exposure especially if the account doing the reposting has real and active followers. During the Blog Era however, this process was slightly different. The writers would find the artists on their own and reach out to them about posting their music. Sites like The Masked Gorilla, No Jumper, 2DopeBoyz and DJBooth have been doing it this way since their origins and thus have reached a high level of respect amongst those in the music industry.  This showed that the writers had a genuine interest in the music and thus established a mutually beneficial relationship between the two of them. On the artists end they would tell other people to check the blog out thus increasing page views and respect within the world of hip hop. On the writers end, their reputation would increase positively and more artists would reach out to them thus increasing opportunities for them in multiple areas. Nowadays we have people like DJ Akademiks and Joe Budden who are pretty much loved or hated depending on who you ask (while I think the feeling is pretty unanimous for AK) But, the point remains that a co-sign from either of these men means something.

New Sounds Emerge

Before I typed this I went to see what the Billboard Hot 100 songs from 2010 were. And let me say…it was a GREAT year. Bedrock, Find Your Love, Deuces, Empire State of Mind and multiple others all came out that year. Crazy right? Overall the core sound of this year in the mainstream that year was catchy hooks… not repetitive – catchy. There is a difference. And, production on all these songs was not trap based as it is now but a variety of sounds that make you feel good or emotional. Drum patterns were closer to boom bap but weren’t quite as simple. During this time you could really only find trap based production on mixtapes hosted by Trapaholics or 808 Mafia which could be found on DatPiff and LiveMixtapes. In the underground, artists like SpaceGhostPurrp and the members of his group Raider Klan were putting the South Florida sound on the map with pitched down looped vocal samples and eerie melodies paired with trap production. Many blogs connected these artists to the style of 3 6 Mafia and thus put the South back on the radar since Lil Jon and his associated acts had since faded away. However with the success of Hard In Da Paint which released in 2010 that sound and style officially hit the mainstream courtesy of Virginia (My hometown of Suffolk specifically) based producer Lex Luger who had a variety of production credits under his belt already with Juicy J and other mixtapes. After this he had hit after hit under his belt including H.A.M, BMF, Hustle Hard and even That Way. (Yes – the Maybach Music song) With these songs and Versace from the Migos hitting the radio in Summer 2012 it was safe to say that the trap based production style was officially broken through and was here to stay. Sites had been vouching for the Migos years prior, praising their unique flows and energy (and of course ad -libs) and thus helped fuel the style we are accustomed to (and sometimes annoyed with) now.

Success Is Earned By Making The Right Moves

As I mentioned earlier, a co sign from the right place can catapult an artist to an entirely different level of success. In 2010-2012 we were still checking WorldStar regularly (right?) and that was a key place for an artist to blow up. Eventually, artists would make their music videos “WorldStarHipHop Exclusives” so the site and the artist could benefit from the immense success. Artists like Chief Keef and his associated acts in the Chicago Drill Movement benefited from this website greatly. Also at this time Young Money was in full effect with Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Tyga grabbing a feature on practically every single released during this time period in addition to doing songs together. Blogs praised Drake for his ability to transition between singing and rapping and Nicki for putting females MCs back on the radar with confidence and bars to match.

While people continue to say “Blogs are dead” and various artists have voiced their distaste for the way they are run now, there are still some out there that support the up and coming talent. While the bigger sites seem to have been overrun with gossip there’s no doubt that there was a time when they all shined for providing insightful and intriguing content.

#NewMusicFriday: What You Need To Hear

What’s good y’all? We’re back for another #NewMusicFriday and let’s hope everyone is able to keep their word this time around.

I Am > I Was – 21 Savage

After apologizing to us via Twitter a few weeks back 21 remembered to drop the album this time. After a leaked tracklist that’s biggest draw was a J. Cole AND Childish Gambino feature we now have the real thing in our hands (well, on our phones) Was it worth the extra wait?

Sremm Christmas – Rae Sremmurd

I’m just as surprised as you are. Ever since Swae Lee dropped the video of him singing the sounds of the season both these songs had to have been in the works. On Christmas night we usually get a surprise release or two and sometimes we get one that was announced ahead of time. However, this one comes a few days before and features each member of the duo on solo tracks titled “Nothing for Christmas” and “Christmas at Swae’s”

Hoodie SZN – A Boogie with the Hoodie

With one of the coolest album covers of the year, A Boogie is back with his signature voice and emotional vocals. After capitalizing on his newfound fame last year it’s time to see the growth and what fame has taught him. Features include Juice WRLD, Young Thug, PnB Rock and more.

Unfair (Full Version) + Been Awhile – 6LACK

6LACK has a little gift for his fans. Like most people his latest album East Atlanta Love Letter started with a short intro to set the tone for his album. When this happens fans usually demand the full version but usually just have to listen to it on repeat to satisfy their need for a longer track. However, 6LACK has decided to give his listeners the full version of the intro and B side as well.

Anderson .Paak Brings Summer Vibes to SNL

Saturday Night Live continues to give us fire musical guests this season and tonight we were treated to the smooth sounds of Anderson .Paak. With Oxnard dropping only weeks go this stage is the first one on his promo run. Posted behind his signature drumset he performed the single “Tints” first as Kendrick emerged to do his guest verse and disappeared as easily as he entered. .Paak’s second song “Who R U?” gave off a totally different vibe as he was drenched in red lighting with a red background as blue lights flashed in time with the song.

Watch both performances below!