Ye Ali Discusses Private Suite 2, TYuS Collaboration, & More.

Courtesy of Donte Maurice

Music can hold a very special place in the hearts of many around the world. Sometimes I feel like what we hear in these songs can be a way to express an emotion we aren’t able to put into words or even understand ourselves. That’s the beautiful thing about it. No matter what you go through, it is always there to hold you down. This was the case for Ye Ali.

Ye Ali is a prominent person in the music industry and continues to prove why people should pay attention to what he’s doing. Though he has been behind the scenes working with many of our faves such as Chris Brown, Saweetie, Eric Bellinger and more, Ye has more to offer than just writing and producing. The Midwest native dabbles in creating his own music that reveals more of his softer side.

Over the years, Ye Ali has showcased a couple projects and singles that continue to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Following up from the 2016 release of Private Suite, The Traphouse Jodeci has returned with Private Suite 2. I was able to talk to Ye Ali to get more insight on the project and more.

Courtesy of Donte Maurice

It’s been a good 3 years since you released the first Private Suite project. Now that we have the follow up, tell me about the process was like putting it together.

The process of creating Private Suite 2 was simple. I just wanted to get back to having fun with music again.I wasn’t having fun with it so I just produced and wrote for other artists over that 3 year span. I made Private Suite 2 in about a month and a half from just feeling inspired again randomly.

What was the inspiration?

The inspiration behind the project was and always will be the fans. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t do this for me necessarily. I do this for them.

This time around, what elements did you take from Private Suite 1 for the Private Suite 2 project?

For Private Suite 1, the structure was….no structure. I wanted it to ride how a playlist or a mixed CD from a friend would. I took the rapping elements from the first project and incorporated it into the first two songs on Private Suite 2. Many of the fans missed the rapping so I had to handle that out the gate.

Let’s talk features. You have some guest features from Rainy Milo, Kirko Bangz, and more. How do you choose who you want on these tracks? Do you go off the feel you receive from hearing it or is it something that is planned ahead?

I usually just call into the studio and have them listen to it either word for word or allow them to write their own sections. Kirko [Bangz] sent me “Inside” in 2016 but that was when I took a break from releasing music. So that one sat for 3 years until now.

Even though this is considered an R&B project, you had some tracks where you were rapping as well. Throughout listening to your music, the track that stood out in particular was “Bigger the Dreams.” While writing the song, what was going through your head? What were you feeling?

I was just in a dark place and I wanted to tell people where I was. I’m not always happy and confident. I lose…and I have lost just like you. So it was more about being human rather than an artist during that moment.

Along with the release of Private Suite 2, you also dropped a collaborative project not too long ago with TYuS. How did that connection come about?

A mutual friend of ours connected us. We’ve only met once! We were able to put the project together through mostly email and Facetime.

How was the reception from both sides when it came to the fans?

The fans loved it. They were definitely surprised from both sides that we even worked together but overall, it was good. It was something I’ve always wanted to do. My goal is to create a collaborative project with every popping R&B artist that I like.

Courtesy of Donte Maurice

You are no stranger to this industry because as well as being a musician, you have worked with many top artists and names in the game. Since you have been in this business for some years, if you could change anything about this industry, what would it be?

I would change the degree of transparency or lack thereof between writers and publishers/labels. We do all the work so should be compensated fairly and on time.

Even though you are a prominent person in music, you’re still human at the end of the day and everyone goes through something. If you could have one do over in your life, what would you do differently? (Whether music related or personal.)

I would have taken this record deal I was offered in 2016. They only wanted me to rap. I  should have signed the deal and then turned in my R&B music and told them to SMD. LOL 

Any upcoming work that you can share?

My project TraphouseJodeci 2 is on the way. Eric Bellinger album and Saweetie’s new album is on the way. I got work on all of them.

Make sure you stream Private Suite 2. Available on all streaming platforms!